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Donate My Body To Science in Tampa, FL

The choices we make today have lasting repercussions tomorrow. They don’t just affect us and those around us here and now, but also those who follow in our footsteps long after we’re gone.

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One of the most difficult choices a person has to make in their life concerns what they want to happen to their body after they pass on. Do they want a traditional funeral? Do they want to be cremated? Who will pay the expenses? Who will be in charge of ensuring their final wishes are carried out?

Increasingly, many people are finding the decision to donate their body to science in Tampa, FL, is the best way to answer all these questions. United Tissue Network is a nonprofit, AATB-accredited, whole body donation company serving people throughout the state of Florida. 

Our goal is to make whole body donation in Tampa, FL a simple and accessible process, so that everyone can make the right choice for their future without worrying about leaving their loved ones to face a significant financial burden. If you or someone you know is interested in donating their body to science in Tampa, FL, contact United Tissue Network today!

Benefits of Whole Body Donation in Tampa, FL

There are a number of good reasons to donate your body to science in Tampa, FL. Here are three of the biggest:

  • Whole body donation helps contribute to a brighter tomorrow

Medical students require access to human tissue for study and practice. Scientific researchers require access to human tissue to help them make breakthroughs in medication, technology, and other forms of treatment.

Without generous whole body donations from millions of people all across the country, our doctors, students, and researchers would not be able to do their jobs. Donating your body to science is a good way to give back, enabling the advancement of tools and techniques that will help save lives for many future generations.

  • Whole body donation is easy, no matter what stage of life you’re in

It is never too early or late to begin or start the process of being a whole-body donor!

If you are in good health and simply thinking ahead toward the future, we will be happy to send you documents to sign establishing your wishes to donate your body to science, after which we will issue you a Donor Pledge identification card so your caregivers know your wishes.

If you are in the end-of-life stage, you or an intermediary can contact us to establish pre-approval for whole body donation. Alternatively, if a loved one passes on before obtaining pre-approval, you can still make sure their wishes are carried out by contacting United Tissue Network on their behalf. We will completely take care of coordination, transportation, storage, and handling

  • Whole body donation is a competitive funeral alternative in Tampa, FL

Funeral expenses often place an undue burden on those we leave behind. Even the cost of cremation in Tampa, FL can be unreasonably expensive, leaving many families unsure of how to give their loved ones a proper goodbye.

As will be explained in detail below, however, whole body donation eliminates the financial difficulties associated with traditional funerals, while also giving our loved ones invaluable peace of mind.

Body Donation vs. Other Funeral Alternatives in Tampa, FL

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Since 1986, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has tracked the consumer cost of funeral expenses in the United States. Its findings? Funeral expenses have risen exponentially each and every year. Today the average cost of a traditional funeral in America is estimated to be between $7,000 and $12,000.

Even with the help of a life insurance payout and/or any inheritance bequeathed to next of kin, traditional funerals often represent a steep financial pitfall for the people we leave behind. If you’re looking for funeral alternatives in Tampa, FL, it’s important to note that whole body donation is completely free.

In fact, if you donate your body to science through United Tissue Network, we will cover all costs, from removal and transportation to filing and death certification. Once you have been approved, you will be issued a Donor Security Certificate.

This is a non-binding contract that says you’ve been pre-approved for our program and won’t be turned away at time of passing regardless of any changes in health.

You only would need to have passed away in a state we service, which are Florida and Arizona right now.

Comparing Donation to the Cost of Cremation in Tampa, FL

What about the cost of cremation? You may be wondering how that compares to whole body donation in Tampa, FL? After all, direct cremation (cremation without a memorial service or viewing beforehand) is also a popular funeral alternative, reducing costs by eliminating ceremonial, mortuary, and casket expenses.

Even with all that in mind, the average cost of cremation in the state of Florida is $2,500. Meanwhile, if you choose to donate your body to science through United Tissue Network, not only will your transportation, storage, and handling costs be covered, but once the donated tissue has been collected, your remains will be cremated and returned to your family within 4-6 weeks. Essentially, this provides all the advantages of a direct cremation, at no cost to you or your loved ones.

Donate Your Body to Science in Tampa, FL Through UTN

Now that you know about the benefits of whole body donation, it’s time to take the next step. If you think you want to donate your body to science in Tampa, FL, don’t wait. Contact United Tissue Network today to pledge yourself or to register a loved one.

We’ll be here when you need us.

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