UTN is a Nonprofit 501(c)(3)

Donation Benefits

  • Whole-body donation contributes to a wide variety of medical advancements including surgical device development, advanced disease-based research and hands-on bio skills training.
  • Cadavers provide the most realistic representation of the human anatomy, which is an ideal model to perform advanced surgical training.
  • Medical professionals and students benefit from human tissue which allows them to develop and practice their skills as technology and practices continue to grow and change.
  • We have created a registration process that once an individual is under hospice care or end-of-life care, UTN is able to complete the full medical-social history and determine acceptance prior to passing. At this time, an individual who is accepted into the UTN program prior to passing, will receive a Donor Security Certificate, which is a secured acceptance into our program. We recognize the Donor Security Certificate as a binding contract, which means that we will not decline an approved donor, no matter any changes in health.
  • UTN covers the basic costs of passing. UTN covers the costs associated with the removal from the place of passing, transportation to one of our facilities, and two certified copies of the death certificate and cremation in Arizona. Chosen by the family, cremated remains are returned to the family within 4-6 weeks, 1-2 years or can be disposed properly by UTN.

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