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My beloved and only sister, Linda, passed away after a brief but tremendous battle following an intracranial hemorrhage. I and my children, and her friends, will deeply miss this loving human being so much. Below is her obituary.

Linda Dale Russo, 67, of Tucson, Arizona, passed away surrounded by family and friends at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tucson on September 7, 2021.

Daughter of John and Dale Russo, Linda was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on December 3, 1953. She grew up surrounded by large and loving extended Russo and Akins families in Cincinnati and Texas. Following graduation in 1973 from Colerain High School, Linda worked as an Executive Assistant for Winegardner & Hammons, Inc., a hotel management company in Cincinnati, before moving in 1977 to Denver, Colorado with lifetime close friend Dora Cartwright. In Denver, Linda worked for the Colorado School of Mines and the Homelite corporation.

Linda moved in 1983 to Tucson, Arizona. She worked many years in commercial construction project management, and then for several different companies in customer service, including Walmart and Convergys. She finished her career working in sales for a national spirits and wine distributor, where she loved calling on and talking with her customers.

Linda adored her friends and family, especially her nieces and nephews. She had an enormous and loyal heart, and was always caring for and comforting her friends, family, and those in need. She was great at both keeping and getting back in touch with people over the years – somehow just when they needed an ear or shoulder to lean on. Linda had a keen memory for small details, especially of those she met and loved, and she rarely let a birthday pass without sending a card and loving wishes. She enjoyed traveling, her Italian ancestry, and animals (especially her cats). Linda will be greatly missed for her contagious giggle, her non-stop chatting, the whacky socks she often sent as gifts, and most importantly, her unconditional love.

Linda is survived by her sister, Becky Russo, and brother-in-law, Jeff Bell; nephew, Nicolas Bell, and his wife, Ann; niece, McClain Herman, and her husband, Tommy; nephew, Evan Bell, and his wife, Josalyn; niece, Olivia; great-nieces, Mary Jo Bell, Grier Bell, and James Herman; beloved cat, Josie; and many other extended family members and dear friends.

Linda’s family and friends will be celebrating Linda’s life in Cincinnati on October 23. Reach out to the family for details. To honor Linda’s memory, her family suggests that you consider donating to The Humane Society or to the SPCA in your community.

Linda Russo

Libby Westphal was full of life.

She was a devoted wife, a loving mother, and a fun party-planning friend.
She had a generous heart, giving to several charities including: humane society and the wounded warrior project.
In her work-life she chose jobs that inherently served others.
When her kids were young she volunteered in her kids activities.
As a proud member of the VFW Women’s Auxiliary she volunteered many hours enabling hundreds of students to receive scholarships. She proudly displayed her patriotism in her hair-do and her décor.

Libby left the world a better place as a result of her being here.
Praise God that she is dancing with Jesus.

Elizabeth “Libby” Westphal

Rodney Lee Kolar was my husband and best friend. He is survived by his wife Rachel Lanza Kolar and sons Alexander, Matthew, David. Also, his is brothers Dean and Michael. He was kind and had a good sense of humor. He was intelligent and loved technology. He also studied the Bible and knew it well. He is dearly missed by all who loved him. He was Christian and loved the Lord but was not religious. I started to get to know him in 2006. We married on March 30, 2018. I’m so grateful and thankful to have had him in my life. So he was the love of my life. He’s always with me as I carry him in my heart. I think of him every day and night. I’ll be reunited with him one day and I know we will never have to part. The world was a better place with him in it. He will always be remembered fondly and deeply missed.


Rodney Kolar

My sister my friend, she lived hard and loved even harder. You heard her before you saw her in the room she loved to shoot pool and hated to loose, She loved to party listen to good ol rock and roll and dance every dance alone or with somebody !! The first one there and the last to leave she would say just one more smoke and a shot and we will go .. She believed in God and got close to him before passing I know she was forgiven and is in heaven with her daddy and Manual, the love of her life. I miss her and know she is ok I won’t worry about her anymore until we meet again my friend enjoy !!

The Family of Andy Zagorsky, The family of Manual Gomez Sylvia, Dapper, Cloyd, Janet, Steve, Roxann, numerous friends in Bullhead and California as well as her adult Children And Bree and numerous nieces and nephews.

Laurie Gomez

My beautiful daughter Tamara Lynn, touched the lives of everyone she met. Her heart had so much love and she never stopped doing for other people. You will NEVER be forgotten but always missed. 

I think about you daily honey and I miss you more than you can imagine. My heart <3 has a large piece of it missing but I will collect it from you when I see you in Heaven. 

You were always taking care of those who were in need and each and everyone of us miss you.

I love you so much Tamara. Tomorrow is one year and I am still unable to talk about it.

I know I will see you again my love.


Tamara Birch

Mary Bryant

December 9, 1931 – June 12, 2021
“Your life is made of two dates and a dash. Make the most of the dash” unknown author
Dad has asked me to share stories of Mom’s life and some of her many accomplishments. He is so proud of how she lived her life and he told her, and us, often. She knew how much she was loved and respected but I am not sure she could ever really know just how many lives she changed for the better.
When Mom was only 7, her mother Elmona E. Browne, died just days after giving birth. Mom was now the eldest of 3, including an infant. She soon became the mother of the family.
Mom would do odd jobs to make money and then take the children out for the day. You could ride the train all day if you didn’t get off, so they went on many train rides. They went to double-feature movies and had penny candy. Mom swore them to secrecy because if their father found out, that would have been the end of the fun outings.
She left home at 14. She looked older than her age and found work quickly. She said she always knew that her Mom was watching over her and recalled seeing her Mom’s spirit in a field.
Mom worked in the kitchen at an all-boys camp on a lake in Maine. The boys from the city loved it when Mom would give them turns making cookies. Many of them had never cooked before. The chef said that Mom’s fried chicken was even better than his.
She worked in a hotel, carrying the linens up and down flights of stairs and cleaning.
Mom was a cashier at a grocery store in Connecticut. She used to draw the specials on the windows, with catchy phrases and pictures. She quickly became head cashier.
Mom would save up her money to bring presents to all her siblings at Christmas. Her father had remarried, and in the end, Mom was the eldest of 14 siblings.
Mom worked at Carlton Woolen Mill in Winthrop Maine as a spinner. That’s where she met Dad, Kenneth Bryant Sr. He was an inspector and had been admiring Mom from afar. He asked her out on a date. She accepted and made her amazing fried chicken, one of her many fabulous qualities that won him over. Two weeks later they were married in Dad’s family home in Readfield, and that began their 65 years together.
They went on to raise 8 children and raised a few of Mom’s siblings from the time they were 15.
Mom was an amazing cook. I’d love to know how many jars of food she canned and quart bags she froze. The cellar storage was filled with canned fruits and vegetables, most of which we grew on the farm. She made the best pie crust and biscuits. I loved cooking with her but never learned her finesse… it needs a dash of this, the bread must feel a certain way. I believe every child and grandchild had a chance to punch down the bread. She involved the children in what she was doing.
She was so happy as she became a grandmother and a great grandmother. She loved watching her family grow and seeing the joy that children brought. Mom had 14 grandchildren and 13 great grand children (including 4 on the way).
One year Mom made 1,000 wreaths, with the help of tiny hands, and sold them for $1 each. That was her Christmas money for the children. She always loved Christmas and because she never had a big Christmas, she wanted a huge Christmas for her children. She would start shopping the specials in January and keep chests of gifts upstairs. She was the best bargain hunter. She would always tell Dad how much money she “saved”.
She loved going to lawn sales and one day came home with 5 children’s bicycles. She loved collecting stuffed animals and dressing them in baby clothes. In later years, the spare bedroom was filled with 100+ dressed up stuffed animals. She was so proud that she donated them to the children’s ward of the hospital, so children would have something special when they were sick. The director sent her a thank you card that she stored in the family bible and read often.
She was talented at fixing up the house. Most rooms had beautiful vinyl wallpaper.
Mom catered for many years, again with the help of many hands (some not so tiny). She made and decorated spectacular wedding cakes. She would place wax paper on a metal “pedestal”, holding it down with a dob of frosting. Then she would start making a flower. One petal at a time. Then she’d gently set each one in the freezer to set, before adding it to the cake.
To Dad’s knowledge, Mom was the only person to get her GED in Maine in one night, with no formal preparation. She walked into the local high school and explained that she needed her GED. They started to give her the material to study and she explained that she needed it right then, so she could go the real estate school with Dad that night. This is a woman who left home at 14. Mom said she would read every book she could get her hands on, borrowing lots of library books. Mom also taught herself as she taught her children. The lady administering the GED test stayed late that night so Mom could finish and have it graded in time to go to real estate school.
When Mom was 40 she got her GED, real estate license, driver’s license and had her 8th and final child.
When Dad was Town Manager of Readfield, Mom developed the accounting system for the town (with no formal accounting experience).
Mom was active in the Kents Hill Methodist Church and sung in the choir. Mom always loved doing for others, especially those less fortunate. For several years Mom and Dad have sponsored a child through World Vision. Mom loved receiving the updates on his progress and was proud of the difference she made.
Mom had the most beautiful rose garden at their home in Readfield.
She was a self-taught artist, specializing in oil paintings on canvas. She loved painting nature scenes. She often had clouds in her paintings and always tried to hide something in the clouds like a dragon or cat’s face. She always loved finding things in the clouds and taught us to do this as children, laying out on the back lawn. She did take some art classes and the instructor soon asked her if she’d like to help teach the class; she had a real gift.
In her professional career I believe Mom was most proud of her work at Avon. Mom was a sales representative, back in the day when Avon was sold door to door in a set territory. She excelled in sales and become assistant manager followed by district sales manager. Mom wasn’t just good at sales, she was great with people. She motivated them by encouraging them and getting to know them personally. More than once she lent the start up money to women who needed a break. She invested in people, and they worked hard for her. She won Circle of Excellence 2 years in a row. She had to beat one amazing year with an even better year, and she did it. I’m certain Mom would have gone on to even greater accomplishments in Avon but unfortunately, she became sick and had to retire early. Mom was so proud of the trip she earned to Switzerland in 1986. She ate at the revolving restaurant where a James Bond 007 movie was filmed and rode on the Orient Express.
Mom and Dad’s travels included all of New England, Massachusetts, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, and Australia. There were many family camping trips in Baxter State Park and days at ocean, Reid State Park.
Mom loved Bingo and later the penny slot machines. She’s the only person I know who had almost as much fun anticipating the win as she did the win. “Oh, I’m in for 9. Let it shine with number 9”. She would get so excited playing the slot machines that at times she’d have a crowd watching her. Her excitement was contagious. You’d think she’d won the jackpot, but she was simply in bonus or winning a few dollars. She enjoyed the moment.
Mom loved animals and caring for animals. In addition to many cats and dogs over the years, she had Chippy the squirrel, Lucy the goat and Clarence the duck. She loved telling stories about these animals and elaborating just a little to make it even more fun. Mom loved butterflies and wolves.
Mom reconnected with her Aunt Mary (her mother’s sister) after many years. Aunt Mary lived in Windsor, Nova Scotia and she and Mom were instantly close. We had many family trips to see her.
There is so much more to tell about Mom’s life. It would be wonderful for others to share a special memory or story; either a new one or expand on something mentioned. I’ve written very little about each event and mentioned almost no one in particular because I don’t want to leave people out and I want to hear the stories as you remember them. Thank you.

Mary Bryant

Tina was a wonderful woman, loved and missed both by family and friends, but also in the community we lived in. She was a wonderful wife, excellent mother, and no one could’ve asked had a better friend. 

Conor Stokes, son

Jennifer Chambers, daughter

Joshua Chambers, son-in-law

Brandon Keoppel, son

Susan ward, mother

Arthur Stokes, father-in-law

Kenneth Keoppel ex, close friend

Lisa and Charley Ritzenthaler, sister and borther-in-law

Tina Stokes

To my loving husband Darrin James Wolf. I miss you so very much. I pray you’re at peach. I’m not ok but in time I will be. I lost my husband, my best friend, my everything. You were an awesome father and grandfather. I will forever miss and love you. 

~Vicky Wolf


Friends and Family: 

Mary Lou Ruiz-mother, Ted wolf- father, brothers Freg and Rodney. His kids Cody, Brandi, Travis. Grandchildren, Caelyn, Haylee and Nikki also Kaydence, Kayden and Ary. Of course his grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousin, nieces and nephews. All my family Mom & Dad, sister and brother-in-law, sister-in-law, nieces and nephews. His co-workers and many more. 

Darrin Wolf

Victor M Langroño was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico where after graduating high school he migrated to New York City for a better life. There he entered the Merchant Marines where he dedicated 20 years of outstanding service, traveling the world and making friends across the globe. After retiring he moved his family back to Puerto Rico where he opened the first catering business on the island. He employed folks from the small town of Barrio Mazán where he is honored to this day.

Victor was a husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. He was dedicated to his family and their well-being his entire adult life.

We remember him as a hard working man with a sense of humor that lightened the heaviest of loads!

Father rescued many dogs, cats, birds and other wildlife from a doomed life.

Father was generous-welcoming family and friends into his heart and home.

All of us-thank him for being a part of our lives, for show us what truly counts in life is love. 

~Debra Longroño

Friends and Family:

Ecko Longroño, Noah Torres, Dieter Orriola, Julian & Ithaca Orriola-Dobkin, Danika Harkness-Douglas, KJ Douglas

Victor Manuel Longroño-Pinto

I am so glad Sharon and I had made plans for our eventual passing. Among those plans we had decided to donate our bodies to UTN so their could be some medical benefit prior to cremation . Prior to that we had proclaimed for several years that we each wanted cremation rather than a traditional funeral casket, burial, etc.). Once we heard about UTN we were convinced that this was the way to go.

Sadly, Sharon passed away April 10th of 2021. In those moments after learning of her passing doubt set in. Did I really want to make this whole body donation? I decided that the right thing to do was follow the plans that we had both agreed upon when she was alive.

I am happy to report that UTN followed through as promised. They were kind, courteous, efficient and respectful of my wife of thirty-five years. Losing someone that you’ve been together with for that long really hurts but UTN made that portion of handling death easy.

For anyone considering UTN as a reasonable alternative I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.


Merlin Studt

Sharon Studt

Gene Thomas, better known as Lamar, (or Honey Bunny to me) was born on September 11, 1935 in Orange, Texas and died in Florida March 22, 2021 at 3:37 PM. He received his college degree from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, so he teasingly told folks they named the university after him. Lamar enjoyed computers and radar systems. He was also an avid pilot who loved flying his Beechcraft Bonanza and helping folks out using Amateur Radio (W5-VEG) from the age of 16. Just prior to his retirement in 1993, he married me on his birthday of September 11, in a hot air balloon. Shortly after, we built their home in Sarasota, Florida, traveled extensively, laughed often, and enjoyed life to the fullest. His favorite morning greeting was, “What are we doing for fun today?” Being an altruistic and generous person his entire life, he donated his organs and body to science. Following his example, I will do the same and our ashes will then be commingled after death so we can spend a joyous eternity together. 

~Marie Thomas

Friends and Family

John Terry & Margaret Thomas
Debra & David Hamilton
Sean & Carol Mirek
Marge Mirek
Steve O’Donnell
Betty Sue Hun

Gene Lamar Thomas

Momma never met a stranger and always wanted to contribute to make things better for someone else. She was excited to learn even with her cancer she could contribute and help someone after her passing!! Thank you for making that happen!!

~Michele Miller-Hayes

Sandy Bewley

Our dad received a lung transplant that for about 12yrs. gave him a new life. My mom called it his 2nd birthday. But the last 7yrs. bought him many medical challenges including: eye cancer twice, cardiac surgery twice, and kidney cancer. He was also on dialysis. My dad fought hard for the last few years of his life, he kept fighting after the discouraging diagnoses kept coming. I don’t think he had as much fight after we lost my mom. We love and miss him everyday. We know that alive, he accepted many drugs and treatments still in the research phase, so we know he would have agreed to your study to continue to contribute to medicine in any way he could. Thank you.

~Judy Motte

James Pierce

My son was with us for 34 years and he had alot of medical problems. He was diagnosed with Epilepsy at a young age and fought with that his whole life. Than from epilepsy in July of 2017 he was diagnosed with another medical problem. He always told his dad and I that he wanted to donate his body to others so that he could help them and also they could figure out epilepsy and hopefully get a cure for it. I was there when he took his first breath and was there when he took his last breath. I love you my sweet son and miss you .
Love, your mom.

Johnathon Pauley

We were married for 33 years, a second marriage for us both. Most people speak well of the dead, which cause the cynics among us to wonder. I might become a believer yet, for my J was a beautiful human being in every way. He had a brilliant mind, a beautiful body and a kindly spirit.
I am told that the ache in my heart will lessen with time. If anything, I miss him more with each passing day.
Sybil Levien

Richard Bushell

Monty Lynn Lindsey, 71, of Edmond, OK fought the good fight, finished the race and kept the faith. Monty lost the battle with melanoma cancer on October 17, 2020 and received the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love Him. His wife and daughter were by his side.
Monty was born to Vernon and Vera Lindsey in Rush Springs, Oklahoma. Monty grew up in Rush Springs and graduated with the class of 1967.
After graduation Monty attended Cameron University for two years. In 1969 he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served 4 years on the USS Forrestal. After the Navy he worked for the U. S. Postal Service starting in 1973 and retired in 2010. Monty always had a love for fitness. He was an avid long distance runner. He enjoyed logging training miles with friends and ran many local half and full marathons, as well as out of state ultra-marathons.
He married Sherry Keisler in Anadarko, Oklahoma on December 12, 1985. They made their home in Anadarko and raised their children. In 2012 they moved to Oklahoma City to be near their grandchildren and later moved to Edmond, Oklahoma.
Monty is survived by his wife, Sherry, of the home; his sons Justus Blake Lindsey of the home and Gregory Curtis Lindsey and wife, Tasha, of Tulsa; his step-daughter Paige Newcomb and husband Cory and their son, Casen and daughter Sullivan of Chandler, OK; his brother-in-law Lowell Dennis of Rush Springs, his sister-in-law Gayle Lindsey of Norman and brother-in-law Jim Beshers of Edmond; sister-in-law Candy Setters and her husband Robert of Anadarko, OK and sister-in-law Carol Perkins of Chugiak, Alaska, and many loving family members and friends.
Monty was preceded in death by his parents, his brother LeRoy Lindsey of Norman, his sisters Verna Brumley and her husband Marvin of Marlow, Dorothy Dennis of Rush Springs and Dorothy Beshers of Edmond and his mother-in-law and father-in-law Twila and Alfred Keisler of Anadarko, Okla.

Monty Lynn Lindsey

I retired from 30 years of teaching in 2012. I have one more thing to offer to education once I pass away. Donating myself will be my last teachable moment in this world,. I am praying that something positive will result from my tissue, organ, and body donation. Helping others is what I have made a career of, and people of all ages can benefit from my gift.

Patty Robson

In Loving Memory of my late husband of many years Charles Regie White. We met when we were very young Regie 16 myself 13 just really good friends which later blossomed into love. and marriage. We have two children Michael and Tana. There are so many memories can only share a few. We both loved to dance and did so at every opportunity. Then there was all the fun we had snowmobile riding and staying in our travel trailer on frozen lakes and racing all around them. And of course all the motorcycle rides. We once took a trip from Anchorage Ak to Fairbanks over 400 miles in a caravan of motorcycles, trailers and vans we looked like a mixture of flower children and bikers. So much fun makes me smile to think about it. Regie was a good artist he pained some beautiful pictures and could do portraits well also. He owned his own body shop and did custom painting on show cars and bikes. He could paint anything they wanted on them from people to beautiful scenery. He was a good guy and will truly be missed, but never ever be forgotten. Your loving wife Patsy R. White


Charles Regie White

Tamara was a gift to all she knew. Many depended on her for her strength and her friendship. Anyone who knew her loved her and if Tamara loved you, it was unconditional.
She was always helping people, donating her time, money and anything she could to help.
Tamara has a 15 year old son who will forever miss not only his Mother but his strength, his motivation and the love they had for each other.
Tamara Lynn will be missed by anyone who knew her.

I love you honey,


Tamara Lynn Birch

Nita Ann Christie, 85 went to be with our Father today at Meadowlake Estates, Moore, Ok. Nita was born on January 24th, 1935 in Oklahoma City, OK. to Glenn Darryl and Pansy Orlene (Neel) Christie.

Nita was a housewife and worked outside the home as the Executive Housekeeper of the Mayo Hotel in Tulsa, and later moving to Eureka Springs for the same position with the Crescent Hotel in 1975. Taking care of anyone at any time was her calling and coordinating turn down service for many guests and celebrities was something she was very proud of and included starts like Bob Hope, Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton, annual Disney on Ice stars and Mrs. Mayo, herself, to name a few.

Nita grew up in Oklahoma City and later, as a teen, moved to Tulsa where she married and started a family. Nita was married to Harold Hays of Sapulpa and later divorced and married Dan Budd of Tulsa. She moved to Norman in 1994 to be near family and loved gardening and the outdoors, whether it be long back roads driving, fishing, or just enjoying life. She was a detailed artist often drawing castles, mermaids, and the like. Her passion for helping others continued and many were attracted to her easy to love personality, as eccentric as she was! Her love for her family was endless and aside from her thrift store shopping hobby she loved spending time with family and friends, especially holiday’s when all were united.

Nita (Mom, Grammy) is survived by her children, Paul Darrell Hays, (Tulsa), Michael O’Brien Hays, (Broken Arrow), Thomas (Tom) Glenn Hays, (Oklahoma City) and Danna Christie (Budd) Fowble, (Norman). She was proceeded in death by her oldest daughter Deborah (Debbie) Hays, (Tulsa). She has many grandchildren, Melissa (Burr) Mulligan, Michaela (Hays) Clay, Katie (Hays) Taylor, Tyler Hays, Zach Hays, Jeremy Hays, Alessa Biancas, Nicholas Fowble, Erica Fowble, Christina Hays, Sarah (Hays) Delong, Brian Hays, Chris Hays, Tim Hays, Riley Hays, and Chelsea Hays and this does not include 19 great grandchildren and two great, great grandchildren.

Nita (Mom, Grammy) …we all will miss your uniqueness in style and life. Coupled with your wit and humor, the love and hospitality you showed to all, your kindness, and willingness to serve others and your classy eccentric style, the world will be empty without you! We will see you one day in heaven and until we meet again…We Love You! You have walked the walk and run the race and now you can wear your crown in heaven and dance the dance!

The family will have a small gathering to celebrate Nita’s life on Saturday, October 10th at 1 p.m. at Lake Thunderbird State Park In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to the Alzheimer’s Association, Oklahoma Chapter, 6601 Broadway Extension, Suite 120, Oklahoma City, OK 73116 or to United Tissue Network 3620 E. Wier Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85040 where her body was donated for research until COVID hit. They honored her award and will assist the family with cremation services.

Nita Christie

I have lived a wonderful and beautiful life. I have children, grandchildren and a loving husband. I have seen and done so much in my life that I could not even begin to list them all here, but the thing I want people to remember me by is my love. I have loved so deeply and so long and I can’t imagine what life would be without it. I impart to my family to always be happy and joyous, to cry when needed and to follow all that is good. Patience and humbleness will get you there! I am excited for my body donation and I hope that in the future with my passing that I will be able to give someone much needed organs that can contribute to someones health or extension of life. I hope medical staff will be able to study and learn how to better serve the sick and my ultimate hope is that whatever comes from this old body, it is helpful and good. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of something so much bigger than myself. Be blessed out there with kindness, love and joy!


Tracie Burris

Growing up with my mother working in a hospital, my brothers and myself would have our weekend family meals in the staff dining room. Being typical kids we would sneak in and watch operations from the the upper gallery. After my service on submarines, I found my perfect job as s firefighter/Paramedic. Having clinicals in every departments of the hospital. Including helping performing a autopsy. I learn how important it is to know the different landmarks on a human body, even as a paramedic. Seeing that I want a stress free passing for my family, after talking it over with my family, we found the perfect solution. Donate my body, United Tissue, and after the are finished with it, they will cremate my remains and my daughter will forward
My remains to Navy who will fire my remains out of a submarine, and record the service for my family.

Patrick Conroy

I am donating myself!! I don’t want to leave my family with a burden and don’t really care for the idea of people all sitting around a funeral home crying over a loss. I feel we are supposed to celebrate life and I think this will be a good way to do just that…

Crystal Madere

Dianna was a very vibrant and youthful woman. She loved nature and people. She was very giving and happy.
She also loved to dance, sing, and praise and worship God. She had many church homes and friends, and attended the women’s Aglow international bible study group. The ladies from that group will miss her very much, as will her 3 children, 4 grand children and many, friends and relatives.
May she Rest In Peace knowing she may have helped someone or even many with her physical donation.

Dianna Gibson-Veenstra

My mother worked so hard in factories in Kentucky to raise my brother, Dane, and I. She gave us the world. Her body finally broke down after more than 20 years in those factories. She always had time for us and we never doubted her love, even as children we had no idea how hard she worked, how strong she was, and how kind and generous she was to other people who needed help. She never turned a needy soul away. She was also hilarious. I remember her and her close friend Patsy having marathon sessions of Yahtzee’! Eventually swearing up a storm at each other and laughing so hard, they cried. I just sat and watched the hilarity! I think if you could have asked her, she had a mostly a fun and happy life. Her grandchildren adored her. Their names are Ryan, Anna, and Anton. She made the best Jell-o cake every year for our birthdays. She loved to cook and she passed that down to my daughter. She wanted to help others even in death. I wanted her home with me as soon as possible, so I guess we got the best of both. Eventually, but probably not for years, I’m going to take her hiking with me, here in Colorado, and I will set her free on a beautiful glacier lake so she can be surrounded by the beauty she truly deserves. I hope you learned something from my mother and thank you for treating her with respect. A body is just a shell and I know it, but the woman, the soul in it, deserves the utmost respect and to be remembered as a person not just an experiment. Everybody was once their own person who loved, laughed and in my mother’s case, took zero crap from of anyone! A true feminist! Thank God she was my mother.


Melony Verlander, Dane Verlander, Ryan Verlander, Anna Verlander, Anton Verlander and so many more friends and family she loved dearly

I Work for a church as a custodian and I am also a building manager for Beacon Street Ministries Inc. We have a food pantry where we feed the homeless every Friday night. We feed anywhere from 100-150 people rain or shine; This is our 11th year. So when God calls me home? I wanted to donate my body as my last act of giving back!!

James Kowalczyk

Seth M.

My grandma always called me her beautiful angel and now shes my beautiful angel.

Reilly B.

My mother was ways a giving person. She would literature give and give and give even though what she had was very little to give. While cleaning out her apartment after she passed I found a box labeled “gifts for family” that had dolls, electronics, toys etc for her grandkids. While closing her bank accounts it was found that she had automatic payments coming out from various nonprofit and Christian organizations. So it seems very fitting and within her character to be an organ and tissue donor. I know even if she could help one person through her donation or help some advancement in procedures or technology she’d be grateful.

Jarod P.

Hoping the donation of my husband ,will help in learning more in the treatment of cerebral amloyd angioplasty for all.

Leslie B.

My grandmother was a young mother of 5 kids. She did her best raising them, worked in factory, restaurants, custodial, as you can see she did a number of things. She was a great mother and an even better grandmother. She was always helping people in one way or another, and then came this amazing opportunity to help people even after she had passed away. Even though my grandmother had dementia and didn’t always know what she was doing she knew when hospice came in that she wanted to donate her body to help others after she had passed and I think that that is the greatest gift she could have ever given anybody and for the company to help her make that dream come true was truly amazing.

Mary Q.

It was my husbands wishes to donate every part of him that could be used to help in any way possible. Making the call was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do. They were very compassionate with us and made things as easy as can be during this difficult time.

Michelle B.

Kim was a kind, loving mom, wife, sister, aunt and daughter. She had the amazing ability to make you feel like old friends after only just meeting. She could and would stop and talk to anyone, anytime. She left us on St.Patrick’s day of 2016 after a long battle with Crohns disease and more recently heart problems. She was a light of life to everyone, especially her family and nieces and nephews. She was very proud of her son and the man he grew to be. Kim had always planned to donate her organs to help people and body to medical advancement, knowing she could help others who suffer with these diseases. I was honored to be able to see her wishes through. Kim will be missed terribly by her family and friends, but we take some solace in knowing her final act was to help others.

Jeff D.

My husband passed away on March 7, 2016. Both of us are organ donors, but because of the infection in his leg and numerous other organ complications, his organs would not be of help to anyone. He had two strokes in 2001 and several others through the years, and he always said that he wanted his body to be donated to science so that maybe they could figure out what went wrong with his brain in the hopes that they could prevent others from what he went through for 15 years. I hope that by donating his body it will help them help someone else. God bless you for the work that you do.

Maureen S.

Debra was my younger sister by 14 months and she was part of my life for 66 years. We grew up together, entered adulthood and motherhood together, and stayed close friends until her death two weeks ago. She enjoyed her youth as most of us do, and was so happy to marry and become the mother of two daughters, and subsequently the grandma of four. She worked very hard after her daughters grew up and proudly supported herself until she became disabled from Crohn ‘ s disease sometime in her late forties or early fifties (developing Crohn ‘s at 30 years old). She also fought a brave battle against COPD in her early sixties, and other health issues. Through most of her adult years, she suffered with severe illnesses, but had the strongest will to live, and always had hope that she would live to experience a cure for the diseases that ravaged her. She loved her family so much, and fought hard to remain with them, and be a part of her grandchildren’s lives and memories. She did just that, with her courage and strong will to live, and lived much longer than a lot of people would have. She didn’t want to give up. But two weeks ago, our loving heavenly Father decided she had suffered enough, and called her home to heaven, where she is now whole and pain free. I am so proud of her for donating her body for research with the sincere hope that the research will benefit others in the future. She talked about doing this for years and lovingly followed through at the end. Debra was a wonderful, beautiful, sister and friend, and I will love her and miss her until we meet again. Rest in peace, my precious sister. You deserve it. ♡♡♡

Linda R.

As difficult as it was to see my parents move on, your company provided a service that not only helped me financially, but provided me with the remains of my loved ones…who both wished to be remanded to Mount Susitna in Alaska. Their ashes will be joined with many of their friends on what would of been their 53rd wedding anniversary. God blessed me with 50 wonderful years with them and will reunite me when it is my time. God bless you all for the work that you do..:)

Patrick M.

UTN was very sensitive to my feelings and was kind and considerate. It’s good to know that my husband’s legacy lives on through others.

Georgia K.

UTN contacted me the night my husband past away, they saw where he was a donor, I was still in a state of shock so I wasn’t in the best of form. They said they would call me back in the morning, which they did asked a lot of question about my husband, told me they would take care of everything. I told UTN that my husband had some health problems, and they said, “they could use his tissue and skin for research.” I’m so glad they were able to use his body. They picked his body up at the hospital and took care of everything . It was a God send, I want to donate my body to UTN one day.


“Brenda, completed her earthly assignment on October 1st,,2015. Our mother was a women who believed her place was in the home attending to the needs of her children and spouse, and she was perfectly content in this role. Born in1942 in New Bedford, MA and was the third of five children. She was very proud of the fact that she was the first child in her family to graduate earn a High School Diploma. Upon her completion of High School, she dedicated her life to being a mother and a wife. This was her purpose in life she thought. She was a woman born into humble beginnings but she quickly learned how rich her life could be. Her simple lifestyle was proof enough that her happiness was not derived from material possessions, but rather from the memories she’d made with those she truly loved. A proud native of New England she was her entire life, however in 1969 she found herself relocated on the exact opposite coast in which she was born. This new place was Sunny Southern California, and she’d soon call this new town of San Diego her home. Brenda spent the greater part of her life there, perfectly content.
Her favorite hobbies were playing bingo, the organ, and the accordion. She could often be found singing to the golden oldies. Brenda proceeds her 3 children, 5 grandchildren and two great grandchildren in death.” – Heidi D.

Heidi D.

“My husband and I decided years ago that donation of our bodies was the right thing to do. We know that saving lives helps everyone. It may give the receiver the time needed to get right with God.” – Julie L.

Julie L.

“My son was born in 1980 and died June 25, 2015. We never expected this as he had an issue with club feet when he was born and he never complained about his feet not looking “normal”. I know he had wanted to do something great for others as he was a very loving and gentle son. When he passed, we found UTN online and knew that they would be the right organization to give his earthly body to so others might be able to study and learn from his different afflictions. I knew he was already with the Lord and he must have been smiling down at us and the students, doctors, or scientists who may be able to learn from his body. This team that “worked on” his body did so with care and respect. The cremains were delivered to me quicker than expected along with his jewelry he was wearing when he was removed from his room. I feel proud of him wanting to help others and hope others will do the same. I certainly plan on it. Thank you UTN.” – Jeaneen


“John was raised in Norman, Oklahoma, playing baseball in high school and graduating from the University of Oklahoma. He raised his family in Norman. He was an avid OU football fan and loved the Thunder and the Yankees too. He enjoyed spending time with his family, playing cards and telling funny stories of the glory days. John was an excellent golfer and spent his retirement traveling with his wife and playing on golf courses all over the country. John passed away after a brief battle with cancer, leaving his family to feel an enormous loss. John and his wife have always discussed wanting to donate their bodies to science. When John passed, it was the best decision for the family to follow his wishes. This would allow there to be some sort of good to come out of something so terrible.” – Jackie G.

Jackie G.

“My mother was a very loving and kind person. Everyone that met her liked her. She wanted to be an organ and tissue donor after she found out that my son had donated his organs and tissues when he passed away. So she said that she wanted to be an organ donor as well because she felt the same as he did. Helping others was what she wanted, so she signed up. She will always be missed by all who loved her and those that had a chance encounter with her.” – Beth D.

Beth D.

“Larry was a very generous person in life. He was a sales person by trade but loved meeting and talking to people in general. He was the person who would stop and give the homeless guy on the street a dollar. He didnt care if they bought a hamburger or a beer he just knew that he was blessed. He had a friend that was homeless and he took him in until he could get back on his feet. Another friend was in California for his mothers funeral and had no way to get back to Oklahoma. Although we were having a hard time financially, at that time he bought him a bus ticket home. Most people can’t say they had the best BUT I can. His cancer was rare and he hoped by donating to UTN he could help someone else in some small way. His last 5 years were very hard because he had become disabled due to heart problems but he got up every day and smiled. I only hope when my time comes I can be as brave as he was. I will also be a donor to UTN.We saw no reason to pay thousands of dollars for a piece of metal and a hole in the ground because you leave your soul and your goodness with the people you loved and left behind. Although he left me to soon I am comforted knowing he was able to possibly help in some small way.” – Karen W.

Karen W.

“My aunt was dedicated to keeping herself healthy throughout all her years. Her final wish was to donate her body to scientific research so that others could learn and benefit from her lifestyle. She was the sweetest lady and she will be missed.” -Brenda M.

Brenda M.

“My mom was a kind, loving and compassionate person to all people (and animals) who had the pleasure of meeting her. Her generosity knew no bounds. Mom suffered from many medical conditions the five years preceding her passing. This made her life incredibly difficult yet no matter what, she still always put others before herself. As an organ donor as well as being able to donate her body to science to help others was what she always wanted. Even in death, she helped others. She was an incredible person and will be loved and missed greatly by all.” -Heather B.

Heather B.

“My wife was a rock solid Christian and was a giver all of her life. In the last months of the disease (mylodisplastic syndrome MDS) she stated that she wanted to continue to give by giving her body to science so that they may possibly find something to help others. She was very active in the ministry in designing web site for christian ministries at little or no charge to them and she is sorely missed in this field. Also as a part our ministry she dressed in Biblical robes and read scripture as I did the potters story with a potters wheel and clay. We traveled all over the U.S. and Mexico winning souls for Christ. She also ministered with hand building with clay. She was an ordained minister with Full Gospel Churches International and loved and admired by all who knew her, she will be missed by all who met her.”-Terry V.

Terry V.

“It’s an honor to tell you my father’s story. He decided to donate his body years before he passed. He had lung cancer that had spread to the liver and beyond. When we found out he lived for 26 days. He had waited to tell me how sick he was for along time. I will just be honest and tell you one of the main reasons he decided to donate is because he just didn’t like or understand the whole funeral thing. He joked that he didn’t want to be the only one there. He was a hard man with a great sense of humor! I miss him everyday. I didn’t realize he was my best friend until I was no longer able to call him with a problem. I also believe that he had his own private reasons for donation. I think he thought it would do good for others and make his life have more meaning. I know too that it was a gift for me. He did not want to cry around and be sad. My son and I just had another conversation about it last night, confirming to each other that we want to do the same. We believe the spirit leaves the body upon death. It makes perfect sense to us to leave a gift for not only science but to each other also. There will be no funeral only a celebration of our lives! Thank you so much!” -Stephanie B.

Stephanie B.

“My mother was an amazing lady. She donated platelets as often as she could for 18 years. She fostered many sick and injured cats and dogs for the Humane Society. She donated monthly to many worthwhile charities. She and I had spoken often about her end of life plans, she wanted to donate her organs to help as many as possible. Unfortunately, at the end, the cancer had spread through her body. I know she and I hope that some cure can be found by her final donation. In loving memory forever.” -Ericka S.

Ericka S.

“Our beloved mother, including her late husband (our step-father), had both decided to contribute their bodies to science. Both had plots available and paid for, prior to them finding out about how much more they could serve and assist science, as well as the medical world in finding medical solutions and/or cures. Our mom, as a Christian, knew that the body is only a vessel that God gave us while on this earth. And the donation of her body to help and assist others, is only the final part of the giving that she did thru-out her life. We love you mom!” -Monica / CJ / Darin / Troit