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Full-Body Donation in Nevada: Low-Cost Cremation Options

If you’re considering body donation after death in Nevada, United Tissue Network (UTN) is here to support you.

As an American Association of Tissue Banks Certified organization, UTN is committed to connecting generous donors with medical researchers, advancing scientific knowledge and improving treatments for diseases and injuries. Our compassionate approach and ethical practices make the donation process as smooth as possible for Nevada residents.

Why Choose Whole Body Donation in Nevada?

Donating your body to science through UTN offers numerous benefits:

  1. Advancing Medical Research: Your donation contributes directly to the development of new treatments and surgical techniques.
  2. Cost-Free End-of-Life Option: UTN provides free cremation services for donors, easing the financial burden on families.
  3. Lasting Legacy: Your gift continues to make a positive impact long after you’re gone, potentially helping countless future patients.
  4. Ethical Handling: Our commitment to respect and dignity is outlined in The UTN Way, ensuring ethical treatment throughout the process.

Who Can Participate in Body Donation After Death in Nevada?

UTN welcomes donors from all walks of life in Nevada. While most people qualify, some conditions, such as certain communicable diseases, may preclude donation. Our team can provide more specific information during our easy registration process.

How to do a Full Body Donation in Nevada

UTN makes the donation process straightforward for Nevada residents:

  1. Registration: Complete our donor registration form to express your intent to donate.
  2. Documentation: We’ll provide you with a donor card to carry, indicating your wishes.
  3. Family Notification: Inform your loved ones about your decision to ensure your wishes are honored.
  4. Time of Passing: When the time comes, your family or healthcare provider contacts UTN.
  5. Transportation: We arrange for secure transportation from the place of passing.
  6. Research Contribution: Your donation aids crucial medical research and education.
  7. Cremation: After studies are complete, we provide cremation services at no cost.

UTN offers flexible whole-body donation registration options:

  • Self-Registration: For those in good health planning for the future
  • End-of-Life Registration: For individuals receiving hospice care
  • Time of Passing Registration: For families of those who have recently passed

The UTN Commitment to Nevada Full-Body Donors

At UTN, we understand that whole-body donation is a profound decision. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and guide you through the process with compassion and respect.

We honor each donor’s contribution by ensuring their gift has the maximum positive impact on medical research and education. Your donation in Nevada could help train new surgeons, develop innovative medical devices, or contribute to groundbreaking research.

Contact us to Learn More About Body Donation After Death in Nevada at 877-738-6111

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