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Memorial Planning &
Memorial Services

One of the most re-occurring question people have when planning for end-of-life options, is the cost associated with it. If the cost of a burial or cremation is causing your family financial hardship, get a Free Cremation and leave a lasting legacy through Whole Body Donation with United Tissue Network.

If you’ve had a loved one recently pass away and are not sure how to cover the costs, we can help.

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Why people choose memorial services

Unlike funerals, a memorial service can be held weeks or months after time of passing, thus allowing family members time to plan and grieve. A memorial is typically less expensive and easier to plan than a traditional funeral and is a positive way to find closure and pay respects. 

A few things to consider when planning a Memorial Service:

  • Choose your style
  • Decide on a venue
  • Choose the participants
  • Finalize the date
  • Arrange the details
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Whole Body Donation

If cremation cost becomes a burden, an additional end-of-life option, is whole-body donation, which allows one to donate their body to advance medical science and make an impact on everyday lives. Whole-body donation is an altruism option, and the individual is cremated after the gift is utilized. 

There are several benefits of whole-body donation which includes advancing medical science and supporting patient outcomes that enhance everyday lives. A further benefit is that whole-body donation covers the costs associated with the removal from the place of passing, transportation to one of our facilities, two certified copies of the death certificate and cremation costs.

Cremated remains are returned to the family within 4-6 weeks and all cremations are performed by a licensed crematory.

United Tissue Network is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), AATB accredited, whole-body donation company. Our mission is to empower people who want to make a difference through whole-body donation by uniting them with professionals dedicated to the advancement of medical technology training and education.

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