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Donate My Body To Science in San Tan Valley, AZ

Are you or someone you know entering the final stages of life? There’s a lot to think about: how you wanted to be remembered, what legacy you leave behind, how your passing will affect your loved ones, and what kind of funerary arrangements you would like to make.

Here at United Tissue Network, we know how hard it is even to consider these questions, let alone answer them. It’s our goal to make that process a little easier for you. UTN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization facilitating whole body donation in San Tan Valley, AZ, and other parts of Arizona.

If you’re interested in becoming a donor, contact UTN today. We’re always here when you need us.

Why Choose Whole Body Donation in San Tan Valley, AZ?

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There are many unique benefits of whole-body donation, both for donors and donation recipients. 

Who exactly are these recipients? In most cases, tissue acquired through whole-body donation is provided to medical training programs and research laboratories. There, it is used to provide surgical students with the hands-on anatomical education they need to become the doctors of tomorrow. Alternatively, tissue donations may also be used to research and develop new life-saving medicines and healthcare devices.

Another reason to become a donor is if you are concerned about your impact on the environment. Traditional burials disrupt and pollute the soul by introducing toxic embalming chemicals into the ecosystem. By becoming a whole body donor, you’re not only helping to build a better world by facilitating beneficial medical advancements but also by reducing the environmental devastation caused by other funerary practices.

Donation vs. Funeral Alternatives in San Tan Valley, AZ

Giving back to the medical community and preserving the environment for future generations aren’t the only reasons to donate your body to science in San Tan Valley, AZ. One common reason people choose to become donors is to help ease their loved ones’ burdens.

Planning (and paying) for a traditional funeral is often stressful and complex. In addition to choosing a headstone, burial plot, and casket, your friends and family have a host of other funerary considerations to attend: mortician services, religious ceremonies, private viewings, etc.

By contrast, whole body donation through UTN is one of the most convenient and stress-free funeral alternatives in San Tan Valley, AZ. We will take care of every step of the process so your loved ones can grieve in peace. Transportation, handling, storage, even documentation; your next of kin will even be issued two certified Death Certificates at no cost to them.

What is the Cost of Cremation in San Tan Valley, AZ?

A medical research examining human tissue under a microscope

Another popular alternative to traditional burial is cremation. How does that measure up against whole body donation, though?

Though direct cremation is much cheaper than a traditional funeral, in the state of Arizona it will cost you around $800-1,000. With the addition of memorial services or other extras, however, the cost of cremation in San Tan Valley, AZ, can reach as high as $3,000.

On the other hand, if you donate your body to science through UTN, not only are all handling and transportation costs covered, but all remains are automatically cremated at a licensed local crematorium, at no cost to you or your loved ones. What’s more, your family can then request that your ashes be returned to them or scattered into the sea as part of the UTN Memorial Program.

Like the rest of our services, these options are available to your loved ones at no extra cost.

Donate Your Body to Science in San Tan Valley, AZ

If you think you might like to donate your body to science in San Tan Valley, AZ, consider reaching out to United Tissue Network. As an AATB (American Association of Tissue Banks) accredited nonprofit organization, we make it our top priority to embody the highest standards of patient privacy, safety, ethics, and responsible handling of human tissue.

It’s never too early or too late to become a whole body donor. Whether you’re in relatively good health or currently in hospice care, simply contact UTN directly or through a legally authorized representative, and we will set you on the path to ensuring your final wishes are carried out after your pass.

No matter what your current health situation, UTN is here for you. Let us help you pledge yourself or register a loved one today.

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