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Donate My Body to Science in Jacksonville, FL

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Human tissue is one of the most precious and important resources in the healthcare industry today. It is used in a wide variety of applications, from the training of medical students to the research of new medicines and treatment techniques for health conditions, including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, and more.

The medical advancements of tomorrow rely on doctors, students, and researchers having access to human tissue today. That’s why, when the time comes for you or a loved one to enter the end-of-life phase, we urge you to consider whole body donation in Jacksonville, FL.

United Tissue Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization servicing Jacksonville and other locations throughout Florida. Our mission is to make the process of whole body donation easy, affordable, and accessible to everyone. If you’d like to learn more about donating your body to science, contact us today! 

What to Know About Whole Body Donation in Jacksonville, FL

“How do I donate my body to science in Jacksonville, FL?” That’s one of the most frequently asked questions we receive at United Tissue Network. Fortunately, we have the answers that you’ve been searching for.

Here at UTN, we use a three-prong approach called the S.E.T. model that has been designed to make whole body donation in Jacksonville, FL easy and painless no matter what phase of life someone is currently in.

S stands for ‘Self Registration’ – This is when a person aged 18 or older in generally good health decides ahead of time to donate their body to science whenever they pass on. Self Registration costs nothing. Contact UTN and we will explain the process to you in detail, then send you documentation to sign. Once you’ve filled out the required paperwork, we will then mail you a free Donor Identification card for your medical records.

E stands for ‘End of Life’ – This is when individuals who are in hospice care or who have been diagnosed with terminal health conditions enter the final six months or less of life. To initiate the end-of-life registration process, you or an approved intermediary may contact UTN and apply for preapproval, so that we can begin the process of coordinating with your caregivers and other officials for receipt of the body at time of passing.

T stands for ‘Time of Passing’ – This is when a person passes without formally pledging their body for donation ahead of time. If this occurs, a loved one with proper legal authority may contact UTN after your death to ensure that your final wishes are carried out.

Why Donation is the Best Funeral Alternative in Jacksonville, FL

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In addition to contributing to the health and well-being of others by facilitating life-saving medical research, there are other benefits of donating your body to science. For many people, whole body donation ranks among the most attractive and affordable funeral alternatives in Jacksonville, Fl.

It’s no secret that funeral costs are expensive, and they’ve only been going up over time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost of traditional funerals has been steadily increasing since 1986. This includes not only casket, funeral plot, headstone, and burial expenses, but also mortuary and religious services, transportation costs, labor, and more.

For friends and family members already struggling with the loss of a loved one, the financial burden of traditional funeral costs may be too much to bear. Fortunately, donating your body to science in Jacksonville, FL eliminates all these expenses.

Whole body donation through UTN is completely free. We will cover all costs of handling, storage, and transportation. We will also take care of all filing and documentation, including providing two Certificates of Death at no cost to you or your loved ones. UTN also offers the option to have the cremated remains/ashes returned to loved ones at no cost.

How Donating Beats the Cost of Cremation in Jacksonville, FL

Another popular alternative to a traditional funeral is cremation. However, whole body donation in Jacksonville, FL is still an easier and more affordable option.

Even without a memorial ceremony, the average cost of cremation in Jacksonville, FL can be as high as $2,500. Cremation with memorial services can more than double that cost. To reiterate, donating your body to science through UTN is completely free.

Additionally, once you have been approved for whole body donation, you will be issued a Donor Security Certificate. This indicates that you have been pre-approved for our program and will not be turned away at time of passing regardless of any changes in health.

Also, even if you contract an infectious disease that disqualifies your tissue from being donated, UTN will still cover the costs of handling and transporting your body.

Furthermore, cremation of the body is standard practice after tissue donation. Within 4-6 weeks, your cremated remains will be returned to your surviving loved ones at no extra cost. Alternatively, you may choose to be part of the UTN Memorial Program, wherein your cremated remains will be scattered in the ocean.

Contact UTN to Donate Your Body to Science in Jacksonville, FL

If you or a loved one need help or information on how to donate your body to science in Jacksonville, FL, contact United Tissue Network today. With our commitment to empathy, accountability, accessibility, and security, United Tissue Network is the best place to donate your body to science in all of Florida.

United Tissue Network has been accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), guaranteeing that our employees, facilities, and practices all meet the highest possible standards for the handling, storage, and transportation of human tissue. Don’t settle for anything less. Pledge yourself or register a loved one now!

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