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Donate My Body to Science in Hollywood, FL

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When entering the end-of-life stage, it’s normal to start thinking about how you want to be remembered. We all want to leave this world better than we found it, but how can you ensure that the legacy you leave behind is one of positivity and selflessness?

United Tissue Network has the solution. We are an Association of American Tissue Banks accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people of all ages, backgrounds, and health situations become whole body tissue donors. In doing so, our donors are able to contribute to potentially life-saving advancements in medicine and technology.

The process is simple; simply contact UTN and fill out some light paperwork, and we will issue you a Donor Pledge Identification Card (indicating that you have registered) and/or a Donor Security Certificate (our promise to you that we will accept your remains regardless of any future changes to your medical record).

If you would like to donate your body to science in Hollywood, FL, reach out to us today to get started!

Why Donate Your Body to Science in Hollywood, FL?

There are many benefits of whole body donation in Hollywood, FL. So, what are some of the biggest reasons people choose to donate through UTN?


It’s never too late or too early to become a UTN donor. You can pledge to donate years in advance, when you are still in good health, or when you are already in hospice care or have received a terminal diagnosis. Even if someone you know has passed on before getting registered, all it takes is for their next of kin to contact us and provide consent. We’ll take care of everything else.


One of the most commonly cited reasons that people choose to become UTN donors is the opportunity it gives them to contribute to a better tomorrow. Whole body tissue donations are a vital component in the surgical training of medical students and in the testing of new medical treatments. Being a donor is a good way of making a positive impact on future generations.


End-of-life planning isn’t easy. A lot of arrangements have to be made. Who will take ownership of your remains? Who will pay for documentation and filing? Will there be a burial ceremony? UTN donors don’t have to worry about any of this; we take care of every step of the process, including transportation, storage, and handling. We will also provide your relatives with two certified Death Certificates at no charge.

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Interested in Funeral Alternatives in Hollywood, FL?

The last thing anyone wants when dealing with the death of a loved one is for the grieving process to be interrupted by such complications as funeral planning and burial expenses. That’s why more and more people are turning to whole body donation as one of the best funeral alternatives in Hollywood, FL.

Unlike traditional funerals, which require family members to make sensitive financial decisions even when they’re not emotionally equipped for it, whole body donation gives your loved one space to grieve. UTN conforms to the highest standards of tissue handling and medical privacy, allowing your friends and family members to rest easy knowing your remains are in good hands.

What About the Cost of Cremation in Hollywood, FL?

Convenience and comfort aren’t the only advantages whole body donation has over other, more traditional funerary arrangements. There’s also the fact that UTN proudly offers all of its services and more at no cost to you or your loved ones.

Even cremation (long considered a “cheap” alternative to burial) costs an average of $2,500 in Florida. Meanwhile, the remains of all UTN donors are cremated at a licensed local crematorium upon program completion. Their loved ones can then choose to have the ashes returned to them within 4-6 weeks. The ashes can also be scattered into the ocean as part of the UTN Memorial Service.

Both of these options are available at no additional cost, making whole body donation a great way to to enjoy the perks of being cremated without worrying about the cost of cremation in Hollywood, FL.

UTN Facilitates Whole Body Donation in Hollywood, FL

Here at United Tissue Network, nothing is more important to us than helping people build a lasting, positive legacy through whole body donation. If you’re thinking about pledging yourself or registering a loved one, we’re happy to help.

Our doors are always open. Reach out to United Tissue Network today!

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