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Cremation Costs in Florida: A Regional Guide

How much cremation costs in Florida will depend on where you live, the services you choose, and the provider that handles the cremation. In general, the average cost of a cremation in Florida is about $1,200. However, if you plan to have a funeral service and viewing ceremony, the price can rise to about $7,000 or more.

In this regional guide, we will break down the cremation costs throughout the state, whether you are looking for the cremation costs in Jacksonville, Florida, the cremation cost in Tampa, Florida, or anywhere else in the state.

Cremation Costs in Florida—By Region

There can be wide variations in cremation costs in Florida, depending on where you live. The prices below reflect a sampling of surveys from the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), US Funerals Online, Funeralocity, and internet searches of funeral homes and crematoriums throughout the state.

Cost of Cremation in Broward County, Florida (Miami area)

  • Basic cremation: $1,403
  • Low-cost cremation: $795

Cost of Cremation in Cape Coral, Florida

  • Basic cremation: $1,474
  • Low-cost cremation: $1,095

Cost of Cremation in Hialeah, Florida

  • Basic cremation: $1,685
  • Low-cost cremation: $795

Cost of Cremation in Jacksonville, Florida

  • Basic cremation: $1,708
  • Low-cost cremation: $795

Cost of Cremation in Orlando, Florida

  • Basic cremation: $1,576
  • Low-cost cremation: $795

Cost of Cremation in Pensacola, Florida

  • Basic cremation: $1,385
  • Low-cost cremation: $695

Cost of Cremation in Port St. Lucie, Florida

  • Basic cremation: $1,565
  • Low-cost cremation: $1,095

Cost of Cremation in Sarasota, Florida

  • Basic cremation: $1,345
  • Low-cost cremation: $810

Cost of Cremation in St. Petersburg, Florida

  • Basic cremation: $1,723
  • Low-cost cremation: $1,095

Cost of Cremation in Tampa, Florida

  • Basic cremation: $1,723
  • Low-cost cremation: $1,095

Cost of Cremation in Tallahassee, Florida

  • Basic cremation: $2,095
  • Low-cost cremation: $1,095

These are the costs just for cremation services. There would be additional costs depending on any additional service you choose. The NFDA provides an estimate of $6,280 if you wish to hold a viewing ceremony, funeral service, and cremation. Here is a breakdown of the individual services and associated prices:

  • Basic Service Fee (Non-declinable): $2,495
  • Removal and transfer of remains:$395
  • Embalming for viewing: $845
  • Preparation of the body for viewing: $295
  • Use of facilities and staff for viewing: $475
  • Use of facilities and staff for funeral service: $550
  • Service of car or van: $175
  • Basic memorial printed package: $195
  • Cremation fee: $400
  • Alternative cremation container: $160
  • Memorial Urn: $295

These are not the only fees that may be charged, however. There may be costs for cremation permits, certified copies of the death certificate, or preparation of the body for cremation, such as removing a pacemaker.

If you plan to bury the remains after cremation, you will have to pay for a cemetery plot, burial services, and a grave marker. Storing remains in an above-ground vault, such as a columbarium, would also add to your expenses.

As you can see, even with a low-cost cremation in Orlando, Florida, or elsewhere across the state, your costs can escalate with additional services.

What Is the Difference Between Full-Service Cremation and Direct Cremation?

What is the cheapest option after death? A direct cremation. It provides only basic cremation without any additional funeral or memorial services. A full-service cremation is the most expensive option due to the additional services.

The chart below shows the differences between the two.

AspectDirect CremationFull-Service Cremation
DefinitionThe simplest, most basic form of cremationCombines elements of a traditional funeral with cremation
ProcessThe body is cremated shortly after death
No embalming
No viewing or visitation
Minimal paperwork and arrangements  
May include embalming for viewing
Funeral or memorial service before cremation
Visitation or wake possible  
ContainerSimple cardboard or basic wood boxCan range from rental caskets for viewing to purchased caskets
CostLeast expensive optionMore expensive due to additional services
AdvantagesLower cost
Quick process, reduces emotional stress
Environmentally friendly (no embalming)  
Allows traditional grieving rituals
Provides closure through viewing
Flexibility in the timing of services
ConsiderationsNo traditional funeral or viewing
Family receives ashes after cremation
Higher cost (services, embalming, casket, etc.)
More time-consuming process

How Does Direct Cremation Work?

With a direct cremation, you may be able to handle all arrangements over the phone and fill out paperwork online. When a death is confirmed by a qualified medical provider, a trained recovery team retrieves the body and transports it to the morgue for refrigeration.

Remains are kept until the coroner’s office approves the cremation. This is required to ensure no evidence is destroyed in case of criminal activity or suspicious death. In Florida, there is a mandatory waiting period of 48 hours after the cause of death is determined.

After approval is granted, the remains are transported to an authorized crematorium, where the cremation takes place. The remains are placed in a temporary container that has unique identifiers to ensure the right remains are returned. These remains are then returned to the family or disposed of depending on the family’s wishes.

Families can still hold memorial services, remembrance, or scatter remains to honor their loved ones. In Florida, it is legal to scatter cremated remains in various places. Since the remains pose no health threat, there are few restrictions. Options include:

  • Private land with permission of the property owner
  • Scattering gardens or memorial parks (may be a fee)
  • Public lands with the permission of appropriate authorities
  • Scattering at sea at least three nautical miles from shore

Who Pays for Cremation in Florida if There Is No Money?

For families that lack the financial means to pay for cremation, there is an indigent burial fund available for those who qualify, which is administered through the county where you reside.

The qualifications vary by county. An example is Leon County, which requires you to submit an application. Eligibility is based on federal poverty guidelines and requires a review of the deceased and the immediate family’s incomes, assets, and insurance.

Indigent cremations are usually done at a time and place of the County’s choosing with remains disposed of in an unmarked location.

Can I Get Assistance with Funeral Expenses?

There are several forms of financial assistance available to ease financial concerns or assist with expenses.

Former Service Members

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will pay up to $2,000 toward burial expenses. For a service-related death. If the service member is buried in a VA national cemetery, some transportation costs may also be reimbursed.

For a non-service-related death, the VA will pay $796 to assist with funeral and burial expenses.

To be eligible, you must pay for the services and then seek reimbursement, but only if you did not get aid from another government agency or other sources, such as an employer. The veteran must not have been dishonorably discharged. Several other specific requirements must be met.

Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration (SSA) pays a one-time sum of $255 to a qualifying spouse or child to help defray costs. You must meet qualifying restrictions based on the number of years worked. Spouses may also be eligible for ongoing survival benefits.

Federal Emergency Management Agency

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides some assistance for victims of natural disasters.

Community Support Groups

Various local non-profits, faith-based organizations, and religious communities also extend financial support to those in need. You might find referrals by contacting your county’s Social Services or Public Health Department.

You can also contact the nonprofit Funeral Consumers Alliance. While they do not provide financial assistance, they can help you understand your rights and provide advice:

  • In Broward, Miami-Dade, Indian River, Martin, Palm Beach, and St. Lucie counties: Contact the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Southeast Florida at (954) 429-0280.
  • In Sarasota, Manatee, Hillsborough Pinellas, Pasco, or Hernando Counties: Contact the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Suncoast Florida at (941) 953-3740.

No-Cost Cremation in Florida with Whole Body Donations

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional cremation costs in Florida, whole-body donation presents a unique opportunity. This option eliminates the financial burden while also contributing significantly to medical advancements.

Advancing Medical Research

United Tissue Network (UTN) offers a pathway to a no-cost direct cremation while furthering the cause of medical science. By choosing to donate your body or that of a loved one, you can bypass cremation expenses entirely. UTN covers all associated costs, including:

  • Transportation of the deceased
  • Secure storage of the body
  • Placement with an accredited research or medical institution
  • Direct cremation after the completion of research

Upon request, UTN also ensures the return of cremated remains to the family, providing closure and peace of mind.

Impact on Healthcare and Education

Whole-body donations have been instrumental in:

  • Discovering novel medications
  • Developing treatments for chronic ailments
  • Training aspiring doctors and surgeons

You can find solace in knowing that your loss contributes to improving countless lives through medical breakthroughs and enhanced healthcare education.

Ethical Standards and Accreditation

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), UTN upholds the highest ethical standards. This accreditation guarantees the respectful and dignified treatment of donors. Unlike some other organizations, UTN does not profit from whole body donations.

Getting Started with Whole Body Donation

You can register online or contact a compassionate donor specialist 24/7 to learn more about this selfless gift that can leave a lasting legacy for your loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions—FAQs

How much does it cost to get cremated in Florida?

The cost of cremation in Florida varies by region and the type of service. On average, a basic cremation costs around $1,200. However, prices range from about $695 for a low-cost cremation in Pensacola to $2,095 for a basic cremation in Tallahassee. If you add a funeral service and viewing, costs can increase to $7,000 or more.

What is the cheapest way to be cremated in Florida?

The most affordable option is a direct cremation, which is a simple cremation without any additional services like viewing or funeral. Prices for direct cremation in Florida start as low as $695 in Pensacola and can go up to $1,095 in places like Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Tallahassee.

Is embalming required before cremation?

You will need to have the body embalmed if you plan for a viewing ceremony, which is required to preserve and present the deceased. However, you are not required to embalm a body before cremation in Florida.

Do you need a casket for cremation in Florida?

No, you don’t need a traditional casket for cremation in Florida. For a direct cremation, a simple cardboard or basic wood container is used. If you opt for a full-service cremation with viewing, you might use a rental casket for the service, but it’s not required for the cremation itself.

Is there a cost for death certificates?

Yes, there is a cost for a certified copy of a death certificate. Funeral homes or crematoriums can help get you certified copies, but you can often save money by going through the state’s Bureau of Vital Statistics or your local county. Costs can range from $5 to $20 per copy and are handled either by mail or by going to the appropriate location. Florida also offers an online service through VitalChek, which can cost up to $37. There may be additional fees for expedited handling.

For more information on whole body donation and no-cost cremation, contact United Tissue Network today at 877-738-6111 to talk to our Donor Service Coordinators. They are available to answer your questions 24/7.

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