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Body Donation in Nevada: Making a Difference in Medical Education and Research

As we ponder the end of life, it’s natural to think about our legacy and what we’ll be leaving behind. Many of us will choose to make a meaningful impact even after death. For example, donating organs can save lives. Another way to make a difference is by donating one’s body to science.

Donating your body to science in Nevada contributes to medical education, research, and training. There is a severe shortage of human tissue, which scientists and researchers rely on to develop treatments, drugs, and surgical techniques. When you donate your whole body to science, you are playing a part in advancing medical research for future generations.

How Donated Bodies Advance Medical Science

When you pledge to donate your body or that of a loved one, researchers and students can study anatomy and diseases in-depth, helping to understand the progression and impact of diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, and more. This leads to better therapies for treatments and innovative solutions. All of these diseases have benefited greatly from research conducted on donated bodies.

Another area where donating one’s body to science makes a difference is with medical students and surgeons. Surgeons practice new procedures to refine techniques that save lives. Medical students get hands-on experience with bodies as part of their training and also hone surgical skills.

Researchers can also test drugs and medical devices. This helps measure the impact of new solutions while also reducing the need for animal testing.

According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, recent medical breakthroughs have occurred because individuals chose to donate, including:

Alzheimer’sBreast Cancer
Heart DiseaseOvarian Cancer
DiabetesProstate Cancer
Parkinson’s DiseaseColorectal Cancer

Research also helps in the study of forensic science. One of the greatest challenges for forensic scientists is to estimate how much time has passed after death. Working with bodies where the time of death is known can help researchers learn to make better estimates by studying the amount of decay. This, in turn, can help with criminal investigations.

Donating a Body to Science in Nevada

In Nevada, you can donate a body to science through United Tissue Network (UTN).

UTN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), certifying that UTN upholds the highest standards for ethical practices. Unlike some for-profit agencies, UTN does not profit from body donations or sell body parts. All donations go to reputable institutions.

The caring professionals at UTN treat families with dignity and compassion from start to finish. We know it can be a difficult time, so we handle the arrangements for you. We work directly with funeral homes and hospice centers to manage the process and alleviate your burden.

You can pledge yourself or a loved one by visiting our website and registering online. When the time comes, we accept nearly all donations, including those of advanced age or with cancers, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and more. The only automatic disqualifiers are individuals with communicable diseases, such as HIV or hepatitis, to ensure the safety of researchers.

If you are an organ donor, you can still donate your body to science. However, you must register with UTN to make this happen. The organ donation sticker on your driver’s license does not apply to whole body donation. It is important, however, to make sure your healthcare representatives know your wish so that both donations can occur. UTN will coordinate all donation activities with Nevada’s organ procurement organization.

When a loved one passes, there are forms to sign, and there may be some initial testing to ensure the body is suitable. After acceptance, UTN will coordinate transportation and placement as well as cremation after research has been completed.

There Is No Cost to Donate One’s Body to Science

With UTN, there is no cost to families. UTN pays 100% of the cost of transportation of the deceased. UTN also pays for the cost of cremation and returns of the remains upon request.

While many families choose to donate their bodies for philanthropic reasons, this financial assistance can be a significant relief for families that face financial challenges.

Donating a body to science in Nevada is a selfless act that can leave a lasting legacy that extends beyond your lifetime. Contact United Tissue Network today at 877-738-6111 to talk to our Donor Service Coordinators 24/7.

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