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How to Find Direct Cremation Services Near You and Other Money-Saving Options

Dealing with the passing of a loved one is difficult enough. The planning and costs involved in traditional funeral service and burial only add stress to what is already a stressful time. The average cost for a traditional full-service burial is about $8,500. However, there are other options. For example, searching for “direct cremation service” can sometimes find costs as low as $650, although the national average cost for direct cremation service is about $2,900.

Finding “Direct Cremation Services Near You”

Locating direct cremation providers nearby can start with an online search. Many traditional funeral homes offer this simplified service along with local crematoriums that specialize in cremating remains in an affordable manner.

Search online for “direct cremation services near me” or “low-cost cremation services.” Local mortuaries and crematoriums should appear along with price comparisons. By law, funeral homes are required to provide upfront pricing for services, so you can also call and ask about costs.

Costs can vary, so you will want to ask for a breakdown of the expenses. Some providers will include the cost of transportation, storage, containers, and removal of medical implants. Others will charge separate fees. There may also be permitting fees required. In most cases, you will have to pay upfront before cremation takes place.

While some families choose direct cremation services for financial reasons, others choose it because it is a simple way to manage the remains of a loved one. In some cases, it is a good alternative for families that have members who have to travel to attend a service. A direct cremation can happen promptly, while memorials can be planned at a later date.

Yet others prefer cremation as an alternative to caskets, vaults, and cemetery plots as an eco-friendly way to handle a loved one’s passing.

Additional Money-Saving Funeral Alternatives

There are other options for handling the remains of a loved one in a dignified way while also reducing the cost. For example, eliminating caskets and burial plots can help you save substantially on final expenses.

Immediate Burials

Some funeral homes offer immediate burial without embalming. The deceased is interred in a simple wood or cardboard casket, reducing the cost of embalming, viewing, and facility rental. Embalming is not required by federal or state laws, although some funeral homes will not facilitate viewings without first embalming the body.

Cremation with Services

You may also choose to have remains cremated but hold a traditional memorial service at a funeral home. This eliminates the cost of burial. Of course, there is no requirement for you to hold a memorial service or conduct it at a funeral home. Many families choose to have a gathering at their home or a nearby park to honor their family members affordably.

Assistance Programs

When finances are tight, some assistance programs are available, such as:

  • Social Security Administration: SSA provides a one-time death benefit of $255 to spouses or children to help with costs. For those of retirement age who qualify, SSA may also provide survivor benefits.
  • Veterans Administration: The VA offers varying levels of support for veterans, whether deaths are service-related or not.
  • The Federal Emergency Management Administration: FEMA offers assistance in cases of natural disasters.

For indigent circumstances, local county offices offer no-cost burials of remains.

You may also qualify for assistance through local church groups and charitable organizations.

Whole Body Donation

For those seeking meaningful end-of-life options, whole-body donation warrants consideration. This altruistic choice allows your body to contribute to medical advancements even after passing.

By registering with a certified non-profit tissue bank, you pledge your remains to scientific study and research. Your donation serves as an invaluable hands-on teaching tool for surgeons, doctors, and medical students, enabling life-saving discoveries and treatments. Many crucial breakthroughs are owed directly to the selfless gifts of cadavers.

Partnering with a reputable group like United Tissue Network helps ensure your body is cared for with dignity and utmost respect. As an accredited leader since 1963, UTN facilitates placements with approved facilities across the country that are seeking donated specimens.

After studies are complete, UTN arranges for private cremation and returns the ashes to the donor’s family if desired. UTN covers all costs, including transportation, cremation, and return of the remains, so there is no expense for participation.

Learn more about whole body donation by calling the compassionate professionals at United Tissue Network at 877-738-6111.

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