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How Can I Access Low-Cost Cremation Services in Phoenix AZ

Talking about dying is difficult, and preparing for the end of life is something people often don’t do. A recent Funeral and Memorial Information Council survey shared that 89% of Americans who are 40 years old or older feel that talking about their end-of-life wishes is meaningful, but a small percentage, just 17%, had actually created a plan. 

So, why don’t we plan ahead?  There are many reasons, of course, but of the top five reasons, not having enough money is #2. If the death of a loved one is sudden and unexpected, worrying about paying for a funeral and burial makes the shock and grief even more difficult.

Cremation Services and Other End of Life Costs

In Arizona, funeral services cost, on average $6,888. Total costs can vary and go up with additional services, types of caskets, or other services. And costs are on the rise.  So what are the options if money is one of the biggest family issues?   

Most people think of the traditional casket, memorial service, and cemetery burial when they think of end-of-life options. This is based on hundreds of years of tradition. But things are changing. According to National Funeral Director’s Association estimate, 57.5% of people choose cremation as their end-of-life option. And they project that that number will go up to as much as 80% over the next two decades.  It is no wonder more and more people are choosing cremation for their end-of-life plans; with the costs of burials and funerals going up, people either can’t afford them or don’t want their families to pay those costs.  

Choosing cremation is one of the lowest-cost options in Phoenix, Arizona.  In 2020 the average cost for direct cremation in Phoenix, Arizona was  $1,430, with a range of $400 – $2,890.   

How Can I Access Cremation Services Near Me?

It can be easy to access cremation services.  Most funeral homes in the area provide that option. The challenge is to find the right cremation services near me, when you need them, and which make sense for your family. Some people choose traditional cremation, which includes the viewing, the service, and the cremation. But, like traditional burial services, this is the most expensive.  Direct cremation, where the body is cremated soon after death, is the lowest cost option at most funeral homes.  

The lowest cost option, however, which not only saves a family significant costs, but allows them to contribute to medical education, is whole body donation with cremation; that is, donating the body to science, followed by cremation.  

Ninety-five percent of Americans approve of organ and tissue donation, but just half are registered donors.  People hesitate to talk about death and end of life. Donating to science can make that decision easier. 

Whole-Body Donation Has Significant Benefits 

Whole-body donation has significant benefits, not the least because it is a very low cost (or no cost) cremation service. It is an easy way to leave a lasting legacy for you or your loved one, and allows you to help others through the medical training and scientific research supported by the donation. 

Whole-body donation is easy to set up, giving you more time to figure out how you want to memorialize someone you love.  It will also allow the donor to help surgeons in training, first responders, medical device makers and others increase their skills to help thousands of people into the future.

Whole-body donation’s contribution to science cannot be overstated.  It is critical for scientific research and understanding how diseases start and progress. Research in nearly every category of disease have been made possible because individuals chose to donate their bodies to science and medical education.

Body donation is critical in helping health and medical science students master their comprehension of the anatomy of the human body. Medical students and other healthcare professionals study deceased human bodies to learn and perfect the skills that one day benefit the health of society. 

Who Provides Low Cost Cremation Services in Phoenix, Arizona

United Tissue Network provides free cremation services in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas, and is the only true 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to do so.  The caring, experienced and edicated professionals at UTN can help you access free cremation services 24 hours a day. They understand the challenge of losing a loved one and will help you navigate through the difficult time. 

How Do I Get Started with Low Cost Cremation Near Me? 

Explore the resources on this website, for more information about cremation services and whole body donation in Arizona, and then begin the easy online registration for donation. Or call us if you feel more comfortable.

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