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Stephanie B.

“It’s an honor to tell you my father’s story. He decided to donate his body years before he passed. He had lung cancer that had spread to the liver and beyond. When we found out he lived for 26 days. He had waited to tell me how sick he was for along time. I will just be honest and tell you one of the main reasons he decided to donate is because he just didn’t like or understand the whole funeral thing. He joked that he didn’t want to be the only one there. He was a hard man with a great sense of humor! I miss him everyday. I didn’t realize he was my best friend until I was no longer able to call him with a problem. I also believe that he had his own private reasons for donation. I think he thought it would do good for others and make his life have more meaning. I know too that it was a gift for me. He did not want to cry around and be sad. My son and I just had another conversation about it last night, confirming to each other that we want to do the same. We believe the spirit leaves the body upon death. It makes perfect sense to us to leave a gift for not only science but to each other also. There will be no funeral only a celebration of our lives! Thank you so much!” -Stephanie B.

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