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Sherry L.

“She was our beloved mother, our provider, our teacher. Occasionally she was our most fearsome foe but always our most loyal friend. Her beginnings were meager, a child of Depression-era West Texas hardscrabble and no stranger to financial hardship, harder work, firm Christian beliefs and simple joys sung to the tune of huge laughter. One of her favorite sayings among a million was “Waste not, want not.” Therefore we were not surprised that she made her final earthly decision one that adhered to this same motto. As she approached the end of her days she would sometimes remark that it did not make sense to be buried in the clay if there was any possibility that some physical portion of who she had become could be used toward the advancement of science and the business of improving and saving lives. There are so many things that we could say about our mother, all of them good and true. On her behalf, we are glad to be able to thank you for giving mama, who we will love and miss forever, the opportunity to leave just as she had lived – by wasting not.” –Sherry L.

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