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Sharon Studt

I am so glad Sharon and I had made plans for our eventual passing. Among those plans we had decided to donate our bodies to UTN so their could be some medical benefit prior to cremation . Prior to that we had proclaimed for several years that we each wanted cremation rather than a traditional funeral casket, burial, etc.). Once we heard about UTN we were convinced that this was the way to go.

Sadly, Sharon passed away April 10th of 2021. In those moments after learning of her passing doubt set in. Did I really want to make this whole body donation? I decided that the right thing to do was follow the plans that we had both agreed upon when she was alive.

I am happy to report that UTN followed through as promised. They were kind, courteous, efficient and respectful of my wife of thirty-five years. Losing someone that you’ve been together with for that long really hurts but UTN made that portion of handling death easy.

For anyone considering UTN as a reasonable alternative I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.


Merlin Studt

Sharon Studt

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