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Marilou Lyman

Marilou Lyman

09/01/1935 – 06/17/2022

Marilou Lyman, my mom, mums, mamacita, Gam, Grammy, Marilou. Its been 9 long months and we miss her every day. Her light, spirit, humor, love, kindness, and devotion to her family remain and show up in many ways but oh do we miss her. In her honor I wanted to share a poem I found that she wrote as I was going through her papers.

Consider the miracle of
how countless “firsts” must be.
Every entity has a first,
From the forest to the sea.

As with all things intertwined,
I’ve had my own share of.
First step, first word and song,
my first and only true love.

So it was the cast of first time
First born as a part of me.
The wonder of it all –
my being enriched by thee.

Therefore it must not be fool hardy
to accept dark angel ending all things.
“Firsts” repeat again and again –
Infinity ripples with endless rings.

So as now you travel life’s path
without earthbound sight of me.
First visit with me when troubled –
I will always be with thee.

– M- 2012


Family and Friends:

Lisa Smith, Natalie Baker, Jessica Eliason-High, Michael High, Cameron Smith and Finn High

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