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Karen W.

“Larry was a very generous person in life. He was a sales person by trade but loved meeting and talking to people in general. He was the person who would stop and give the homeless guy on the street a dollar. He didnt care if they bought a hamburger or a beer he just knew that he was blessed. He had a friend that was homeless and he took him in until he could get back on his feet. Another friend was in California for his mothers funeral and had no way to get back to Oklahoma. Although we were having a hard time financially, at that time he bought him a bus ticket home. Most people can’t say they had the best BUT I can. His cancer was rare and he hoped by donating to UTN he could help someone else in some small way. His last 5 years were very hard because he had become disabled due to heart problems but he got up every day and smiled. I only hope when my time comes I can be as brave as he was. I will also be a donor to UTN.We saw no reason to pay thousands of dollars for a piece of metal and a hole in the ground because you leave your soul and your goodness with the people you loved and left behind. Although he left me to soon I am comforted knowing he was able to possibly help in some small way.” – Karen W.

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