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“My son was born in 1980 and died June 25, 2015. We never expected this as he had an issue with club feet when he was born and he never complained about his feet not looking “normal”. I know he had wanted to do something great for others as he was a very loving and gentle son. When he passed, we found UTN online and knew that they would be the right organization to give his earthly body to so others might be able to study and learn from his different afflictions. I knew he was already with the Lord and he must have been smiling down at us and the students, doctors, or scientists who may be able to learn from his body. This team that “worked on” his body did so with care and respect. The cremains were delivered to me quicker than expected along with his jewelry he was wearing when he was removed from his room. I feel proud of him wanting to help others and hope others will do the same. I certainly plan on it. Thank you UTN.” – Jeaneen

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