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Free Cremation and Funeral Alternative, Bisbee AZ

Register for a Free Cremation Funeral Alternative – Bisbee AZ

One of the re-occurring questions people have when planning for end-of-life options is the cost. What do services such as cremation and funerals cost and what is affordable? Concerned about cremation or funeral costs? A free cremation and funeral alternative is available in Bisbee AZ with United Tissue Network.

At United Tissue Network, we welcome anyone to join our registry at all stages in life. An individual can register to be a whole-body donor before or after the time of passing. We highly encourage individuals to register before passing to provide peace of mind for loved ones and to ensure end-of-life wishes are fulfilled.

Cremations and funeral costs can cause heavy financial burdens. On average, a funeral service can cost $7000 and upwards and cremation services can range from $1000-4000! Consider a Free Cremation and Funeral Alternative in Bisbee AZ with United Tissue Network and our whole-body donation program.

United Tissue Network covers the basic cost of passing. Expenses covered:

  • Coordination of transportation
  • Filing death certificate – will receive two certified copies
  •  Cremation

Create a meaningful impact on the advancement of medical technology through the priceless gift of whole-body donation and find relief in our free cremation and funeral alternative available in Bisbee AZ.

Whole-body donation contributes to a wide variety of medical advancements including surgical device development, advanced disease-based research, and hands-on bio skills training. Medical professionals and students benefit from human tissue which allows them to develop and practice their skills as technology and practices continue to grow and change. Make an impact and register today.

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