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Donate My Body To Science in Miami, FL

How do you want to be remembered after you’re gone? Do you care about making a lasting impact on the world beyond your close-knit circle of friends and family members? Do you like the idea of contributing to life-saving advancements in medicine, hospital technology, and medical education?

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If so, you might want to donate your body to science in Miami, FL. Here at United Tissue Network, we’ve made it our mission to help people from many different backgrounds and in a wide variety of health situations fulfill their dreams of whole body donation.

Whole body donation in Miami, FL isn’t just a great way of cementing your legacy and positively affecting the lives of future generations, it’s also an economical alternative to traditional funerals and cremation. To learn more about whole body donation, contact United Tissue Network now!

What to Know About Whole Body Donation in Miami, FL

Donating your body through UTN is simple. If you are 18 years or older, there is no upper age limit to who can donate their body to science in Miami, FL. All you need to do is contact UTN and we will send you some simple paperwork to fill out. Once you have been approved, we will send you a Donor Pledge identification card indicating your registration is complete.

After being approved, you will also be issued a Donor Security Certificate. This acts as our promise to you that, when you pass on, UTN will honor its agreement to take your body regardless of any changes in your medical history that may have occurred since initial approval. This includes any infectious diseases that might disqualify an individual from having their tissue donated to medical schools and research institutions. 

If a loved one has already entered the end-of-life stage, or if someone they already passed on, don’t worry; it’s not too late to honor their wishes. Those who have a prognosis of six months or less can still contact UTN directly or through an intermediary to get pre-approved for donation. Likewise, any legally authorized relative, friend, or guardian of someone who has already passed can contact UTN on their behalf and arrange to donate the body to science in Miami, FL.

Body Donation & Other Funeral Alternatives in Miami, FL

Not only does donating your body to science help advance the education of medical professions of all kinds, it is also at no cost solution for cremation and end of life planning.

Traditional funerals seem to be getting more and more expensive all the time. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that funeral costs have risen dramatically every year since 1986. Today, the average cost of a funeral in the US can go as high as $12,000 when accounting for mortuary, ceremony, and casket expenses.

Those looking for funeral alternatives in Miami, FL, might want to consider whole body donation. When you donate your body to science through UTN, you and your loved ones receive peace of mind in knowing that the financial burden of storing, transporting, and handling your remains is fully covered. In addition, UTN will take care of all filing and coordination efforts, and will supply your next of kin with two Death Certificates at no cost to you or them.

Does Donating Beat the Cremation Costs in Miami, FL?

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When it comes to funeral alternatives, whole body donation is an attractive option. But how does it compare to the cremation costs in Miami, FL? 

While direct cremation is also an economical alternative to traditional funerals, whole body donation is still cheaper and more convenient. At the lowest possible estimate, cremation costs in Miami, FL still average about $800. In some cases, cremation can cost $2,500 or more!

With UTN’s whole body donation program, however, not only are all your funeral expenses already taken care of, but after the donated tissue has been collected, cremation is complimentary. Your cremated remains will be returned to your family in roughly 4-6 weeks. Once again, this service is available to your loved ones at no cost.

Want to Donate Your Body to Science in Miami, FL? Call Us!

Whole body donation in Miami, FL has never been easier or more convenient than it is with UTN. We are committing to making the process accessible to anyone who might be interested in donating their body to science, no matter their background or their health situation.

Whether you’re interested in contributing to a brighter future for the patients and healthcare professionals of tomorrow or you’re looking for a way to relieve unnecessary financial burdens from your surviving friends and relatives, UTN is here to help. Contact us today to pledge yourself or register a loved one.

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