UTN is a Nonprofit 501(c)(3)

Donate My Body To Science in Lake Pleasant AZ

Whole Body Donations

United Tissue Network is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), AATB accredited, whole-body donation company.


To empower people who want to make a difference through whole-body donation by uniting them with professionals dedicated to the advancement of medical technology, training and education.


To overcome the worldwide tissue shortage, one donor at a time.


  • Empathy, Integrity and Passion
  • Accountability, Innovation and Quality
  • Accessible, Safe and Secure

Donate My Body To Science in Lake Pleasant

Whole-body donation allows for an individual to donate their body to science at end-of-life, for medical advancements. This includes surgical device research and development, advanced disease-based research and hand-on bio skills training.

It is important to donate to science because there is no substitute for human tissue when studying the body. Medical professionals and students benefit from human tissue which allows them to develop and practice their skills.

Deciding to donate your body to science is a priceless gift to help advance medical technology, training, and education. Whole-body donation provides human tissue for a variety of programs including:

  • Physician education
  • Surgical training
  • Device research and development
  • Drug research and development

Once you have registered with United Tissue Network to donate your body to science, it does not prohibit a donor’s wishes for organ donation. United Tissue Network will coordinate with the local organ procurement organization to ensure that all organs and tissue viable for transplant take first priority before transporting the donor to one of our facilities. This allows for the body donation to be completely utilized while honoring the wishes of the donor.

UTN Registration Process

A consent form is required, and the donor as well as the family will be supplied information about policies and procedures that will take place after the potential donor is deceased.

From the moment you register, the safety of the medical professionals is extremely important to the organization. UTN tests all donors for infectious diseases utilizing a CLIA-certified laboratory prior to the placement of any tissue with qualified training organizations. In addition, a complete medical-social history is provided for each donor.  This provides information on the donor such as past surgical history, cancer, heart health, bone health and other key factors that may impact the overall experience for the surgeon. Be as that may, your personal information is kept confidential to protect the donor and the donor’s family.

UTN also covers all costs associated with:

  • The removal from the place of passing
  • Transportation to one of UTN facilities
  • Two certified death certificates
  • Direct cremation fees

UTN donor program allows for each donor to be the underlying support for everyday lives, and there is no upper age limit to donate your body.

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