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Donate My Body To Science in Gilbert AZ

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about donating their bodies to science is that only those who register far in advance can become donors. That’s simply not true.

As an AATB-accreddited 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, United Tissue Network was founded on the belief that donating one’s body should be easy and accessible to everyone, regardless of their age, background, or health situation.

That’s why UTN uses a special three-pronged system enabling those who wish to donate to pledge their remains at any stage of life. Whether you’re in good health or already at an advanced stage of a terminal diagnosis, all it takes to become a donor is for you or a legally authorized representative to contact UTN and fill out some basic paperwork.

UTN even accepts donations from those who have already passed on. That means that if a loved one dies before registering, their next of kin can still ensure their final wishes are carried out.

Below, we’ll explain how whole-body donation works, what the benefits of whole-body donation are, and how donating compares to the cost of cremation in Gilbert, AZ. Contact us today to learn more!

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Reasons to Donate Your Body to Science in Gilbert, AZ

Many people find it worthwhile to donate their bodies to science, for many different reasons. Among the most common reasons that UTN donors cite are the following:


When someone registers for whole body donation in Gilbert, AZ, they can feel secure in the knowledge that they are helping to contribute to a better world for future generations. Tissue acquired from whole-body donation is utilized primarily in two ways: 1. for the education of medical students who will become the doctors, surgeons, and nurses of tomorrow, and 2. For study by researchers developing new life-saving treatments, medicines, and technologies.


Not everyone wants or needs a traditional funeral with a casket, memorial service, mortuary services, and the like. In fact, with funerary costs on the rise, more and more people find themselves uncomfortable with the idea of their passing being a source of stress for their surviving loved ones. Whole body donation removes the burden from your friends and family members, giving the space to grieve without worrying about making final arrangements.


One of the many myths about whole body donation is that the process features many hidden costs. Although different donation programs offer a different range of no-cost services, when you donate through UTN, you can rest easy knowing that all transportation, storage, cremation, and certification expenses will be covered. As we’ll explain in more detail below, this makes whole body donation one of the most affordable funeral alternatives in Gilbert, AZ today.

Why Bother with Funeral Alternatives in Gilbert, AZ?

What’s wrong with a traditional funeral? Nothing at all. But that doesn’t mean that alternatives don’t exist, and it doesn’t mean one of those alternatives won’t be right for you.

Maybe you don’t have many relatives. Or maybe you don’t want to burden the ones you have with the financial baggage of paying funeral expenses.

Another reason you might want to donate your body to science in Gilbert, AZ is if you like the idea of your remains contributing to the development of treatment options capable of improving the lives of others.

Additionally, whole body donation is more environmentally friendly, as no burial resources or embalming chemicals are used, and reduces the production of greenhouse gasses.

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What is the Cost of Cremation in Gilbert, AZ?

Like whole-body donation, cremation is a popular alternative to traditional burials. But how do the two compare?

Though often significantly cheaper than other types of funerals, the cost of cremation in Gilbert, AZ can still reach as high as $3,000. By contrast, UTN offers whole body donation services at no charge to you or your family members. In fact, cremation at a licensed local crematorium comes standard for all UTN donors upon program completion.

Afterward, your ashes can be returned to your family upon request or scattered into the sea as part of the UTN Memorial Program. Both of these options are, again, available at no additional cost.

Register Now for Whole Body Donation in Gilbert, AZ

How do you want to be remembered after you’re gone? Big questions require big answers. Fortunately, whole body donation is one of the biggest and best ways to ensure that the mark you leave on this world is a positive one.

Contact United Tissue Network today to pledge yourself or to register a loved one so that they can donate their body to science in Gilbert, AZ. 

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