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Here are a few of our Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I be an organ donor and a whole-body donor?

Whole-body donation does not prohibit organ donation. United Tissue Network coordinates with the local organ procurement organization to ensure all organs and tissue that are viable for transplant take first priority if it is the donor’s wishes.

2. When can I register?

United Tissue Network welcomes anyone to join our registry at all stages in life. To create understanding at each stage we created the S.E.T. program, additional information found here.

3. Am I eligible to donate?

UTN accepts whole-body donation pledges by all individuals over the age of 18. There is no upper age limit to be a whole-body donor. All donors are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and final acceptance is made at the discretion and best judgment of the Medical Director or Designee.

4. What medical professionals utilize human tissue?

Among the wide variety of medical professionals who utilize human tissue, a few include orthopedic surgeons, paramedics, dentists, cardiologists and optometrists. HelpingHands

5. Why is human tissue needed?

There is no substitute for human tissue when studying the body. Medical professionals are reliant on generous donors to improve patient outcomes. This includes quicker patient recovery times, minimal scarring, heightened range of motion, added longevity for implanted medical devices and less time needed for physical therapy.

6. What is the cost to me or my family?

UTN covers the costs associated with the removal from the place of passing, transportation to one of our facilities, two certified copies of the death certificate and the direct cremation fee.

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