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It is our honor to provide you with all the information needed to make an informed and generous decision about donating your body to science.

United Tissue Network (UTN) is dedicated to honoring the intent of its donors by working with the most innovative and ethical medical educators around the world.

United Tissue Network (UTN) is accredited by The American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), which is a professional, nonprofit 501c3, scientific and educational organization.

Know what it is to make a difference

  • UTN was very sensitive to my feelings and was kind and considerate. It’s good to know that my husband’s legacy lives on through others.

    Georgia K.
  • “My husband and I decided years ago that donation of our bodies was the right thing to do. We know that saving lives helps everyone. It may give the receiver the time needed to get right with God.” – Julie L.

    Julie L.
  • “My mother was a very loving and kind person. Everyone that met her liked her. She wanted to be an organ and tissue donor after she found out that my son had donated his organs and tissues when he passed away. So she said that she wanted to be an organ donor as well because she felt the same as he did. Helping others was what she wanted, so she signed up. She will always be missed by all who loved her and those that had a chance encounter with her.” – Beth D.

    Beth D.
  • “My aunt was dedicated to keeping herself healthy throughout all her years. Her final wish was to donate her body to scientific research so that others could learn and benefit from her lifestyle. She was the sweetest lady and she will be missed.” -Brenda M.

    Brenda M.
  • “My mother was a very caring woman full of energy and had love and an open hand to lend to anyone, even strangers. God was her first love, then her family and all the ministry work she did. Even when she was sick she was out there helping others, she never complained once about being sick or hurting.” –Tiffany G.

    Tiffany G.
  • “My dad decided years ago to be an organ donor. Later he learned that few hospice patients get to be the type of donor most people assume they will be. He learned he could donate other ways and told us that is what he would like to do. He was retired military and in some ways, we know he gave his life for his country. Thank you for providing this service.” -Susan K.

    Susan K.

UTN is a Nonprofit 501c3 and Accredited Organization


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Whole Body Donation: Donate My Body To Science

Deciding to donate your body to science is a priceless gift to help advance medical technology, training, and education. Whole Body Donation provides human tissue for a variety of programs including:
  • Physician education
  • Surgical training
  • Device research and development
  • Drug research and development

Once you have registered with United Tissue Network, it does not prohibit a donor’s wishes for organ donation. United Tissue Network will coordinate with the local organ procurement organization to ensure that all organs and tissue viable for transplant take first priority before transporting the donor to one of our facilities. This allows for the body donation to be completely utilized while honoring the wishes of the donor.