“My mother was an amazing woman. She cared about people throughout her life. She always put others before herself. Mom suffered from multiple medical conditions which resulted in a hard life for her over the last several years. Whether it was dealing with diabetes or Alzheimer’s we had talked about the desire for more medical research done to help. Being able to donate her body to medical research allowed mom to help others even in her own death. It was her one last way of putting others before herself. Watching her go through her ups and downs was the hardest thing our family has ever done. Knowing that with her donation hopefully soon other families will not have to go through what we did makes the process somewhat easier.” -Mitzi G.

Mitzi G.

“Our father, was a loving, intelligent, and religious person who shared his wisdom and laughter with everyone who knew him. He had very sharp and accurate memory even at age of 88. He was very interested in health sciences and use of human body for other needy people upon death. His belief was that anything that he had which could be used to save others, was worth the time and effort. It is his wish that we carried out and we are grateful to UTN for this opportunity.” -Mahendra and Sandhya S.

Sandhya S.

“My husband loved the Lord, his family and his country, which he served and defended for 30 years while in the submarine service. He was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer in November. Never once throughout his battle with this disease did he question God’s plan or will for his life. He fought the fight with determination and grace. Even as the disease took away his strength, his ability to eat, and other bodily functions, he strived to maintain as normal a life as possible. When the time came for him to go home to the Lord, he was ready. He was able to tell us, his family, how much we had enriched his life. And we, in turn, were able to tell him how much he meant to us. He went peacefully, in his sleep, surrounded by all of us who loved him, just as he had wished. His life was one of service, and by donating his organs and tissue to science, he hoped that one day a cure would be found, for this disease which at this time is, incurable.” -Carol W.

Carol W.

“My dad decided years ago to be an organ donor. Later he learned that few hospice patients get to be the type of donor most people assume they will be. He learned he could donate other ways and told us that is what he would like to do. He was retired military and in some ways, we know he gave his life for his country. Thank you for providing this service.” -Susan K.

Susan K.

“Daisy embraced her family with open arms and a generous heart. So it is only fitting that having lived to a graceful 95 years old, it was her desire to share generously with medical professionals her body’s legacy. She hoped her body donation would offer the opportunity for scientists to explore and discover explanations to her longevity. Ultimately, allowing others to live life as she did – abundantly.” -Jim J.

Jim J.

“Jean was an amazing woman who loved her family, friends and country. She was a strong and independent woman, yet was always helping others. Donating her body for science came as no surprise to anyone who knew her. It just seemed to be the natural thing for her to do.” -Pamela P.

Pamela P.

“For years during our growing into adulthood my brother talked about his physical body and how it held the key to helping others. He studied the book Grey’s Anatomy to understand how the body worked, and tried various healthy living options to see how his body improved when he followed this lifestyle. When he passed suddenly my brothers and I knew this would be a wish of his—to allow others to learn from the donation of his body. We are grateful to UTN for this opportunity.” -Jan L-D.

Jan L-D.