As difficult as it was to see my parents move on, your company provided a service that not only helped me financially, but provided me with the remains of my loved ones…who both wished to be remanded to Mount Susitna in Alaska. Their ashes will be joined with many of their friends on what would of been their 53rd wedding anniversary. God blessed me with 50 wonderful years with them and will reunite me when it is my time. God bless you all for the work that you do..:)

Patrick M.

UTN was very sensitive to my feelings and was kind and considerate. It’s good to know that my husband’s legacy lives on through others.

Georgia K.

UTN contacted me the night my husband past away, they saw where he was a donor, I was still in a state of shock so I wasn’t in the best of form. They said they would call me back in the morning, which they did asked a lot of question about my husband, told me they would take care of everything. I told UTN that my husband had some health problems, and they said, “they could use his tissue and skin for research.” I’m so glad they were able to use his body. They picked his body up at the hospital and took care of everything . It was a God send, I want to donate my body to UTN one day.


“Brenda, completed her earthly assignment on October 1st,,2015. Our mother was a women who believed her place was in the home attending to the needs of her children and spouse, and she was perfectly content in this role. Born in1942 in New Bedford, MA and was the third of five children. She was very proud of the fact that she was the first child in her family to graduate earn a High School Diploma. Upon her completion of High School, she dedicated her life to being a mother and a wife. This was her purpose in life she thought. She was a woman born into humble beginnings but she quickly learned how rich her life could be. Her simple lifestyle was proof enough that her happiness was not derived from material possessions, but rather from the memories she’d made with those she truly loved. A proud native of New England she was her entire life, however in 1969 she found herself relocated on the exact opposite coast in which she was born. This new place was Sunny Southern California, and she’d soon call this new town of San Diego her home. Brenda spent the greater part of her life there, perfectly content.
Her favorite hobbies were playing bingo, the organ, and the accordion. She could often be found singing to the golden oldies. Brenda proceeds her 3 children, 5 grandchildren and two great grandchildren in death.” – Heidi D.

Heidi D.

“My husband and I decided years ago that donation of our bodies was the right thing to do. We know that saving lives helps everyone. It may give the receiver the time needed to get right with God.” – Julie L.

Julie L.

“My son was born in 1980 and died June 25, 2015. We never expected this as he had an issue with club feet when he was born and he never complained about his feet not looking “normal”. I know he had wanted to do something great for others as he was a very loving and gentle son. When he passed, we found UTN online and knew that they would be the right organization to give his earthly body to so others might be able to study and learn from his different afflictions. I knew he was already with the Lord and he must have been smiling down at us and the students, doctors, or scientists who may be able to learn from his body. This team that “worked on” his body did so with care and respect. The cremains were delivered to me quicker than expected along with his jewelry he was wearing when he was removed from his room. I feel proud of him wanting to help others and hope others will do the same. I certainly plan on it. Thank you UTN.” – Jeaneen


“John was raised in Norman, Oklahoma, playing baseball in high school and graduating from the University of Oklahoma. He raised his family in Norman. He was an avid OU football fan and loved the Thunder and the Yankees too. He enjoyed spending time with his family, playing cards and telling funny stories of the glory days. John was an excellent golfer and spent his retirement traveling with his wife and playing on golf courses all over the country. John passed away after a brief battle with cancer, leaving his family to feel an enormous loss. John and his wife have always discussed wanting to donate their bodies to science. When John passed, it was the best decision for the family to follow his wishes. This would allow there to be some sort of good to come out of something so terrible.” – Jackie G.

Jackie G.

“My mother was a very loving and kind person. Everyone that met her liked her. She wanted to be an organ and tissue donor after she found out that my son had donated his organs and tissues when he passed away. So she said that she wanted to be an organ donor as well because she felt the same as he did. Helping others was what she wanted, so she signed up. She will always be missed by all who loved her and those that had a chance encounter with her.” – Beth D.

Beth D.

“Larry was a very generous person in life. He was a sales person by trade but loved meeting and talking to people in general. He was the person who would stop and give the homeless guy on the street a dollar. He didnt care if they bought a hamburger or a beer he just knew that he was blessed. He had a friend that was homeless and he took him in until he could get back on his feet. Another friend was in California for his mothers funeral and had no way to get back to Oklahoma. Although we were having a hard time financially, at that time he bought him a bus ticket home. Most people can’t say they had the best BUT I can. His cancer was rare and he hoped by donating to UTN he could help someone else in some small way. His last 5 years were very hard because he had become disabled due to heart problems but he got up every day and smiled. I only hope when my time comes I can be as brave as he was. I will also be a donor to UTN.We saw no reason to pay thousands of dollars for a piece of metal and a hole in the ground because you leave your soul and your goodness with the people you loved and left behind. Although he left me to soon I am comforted knowing he was able to possibly help in some small way.” – Karen W.

Karen W.

“My aunt was dedicated to keeping herself healthy throughout all her years. Her final wish was to donate her body to scientific research so that others could learn and benefit from her lifestyle. She was the sweetest lady and she will be missed.” -Brenda M.

Brenda M.